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COVID-19 Isolation Diaries

I never thought I’d write this blog post. Simply because some part of me thought I was some kind of mega superhuman who managed to avoid the coronavirus for 2 years as everyone around me caught it left, right and centre. I work in a retail and school environment and I interact with hundreds of…

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Meeting My LDR Boyfriend After 2 Years Apart

We all have our own ‘COVID-19 diaries’ don’t we? Sad stories about missing people, about not being to enjoy what we used to and living in fear of catching a potentially life-threatening infection. The pandemic being so brutal over the past 2ish years meant that my boyfriend of 6 years, Chris, and I, had to…

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Top Skincare Picks Of 2021

2021 has surely gone by like a blur and I’ve had my fair share of trial and error with different skincare products. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being a skincare junkie! For reference, I am an oily skinned gal, with lots of texture, pores, and the occasional breakout. I was also on Accutane for…

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Top Makeup Picks Of 2021

Makeup junkies unite! I can’t wait to talk to you about the many makeup items that I’ve tried, tested and loved over the past year. It has truly been a time of change and experimentation as I found my makeup routine switching from a dramatic-eye look and thick foundation to a more natural eye look…

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A Christmas Gift Guide 2021 – Small Business Edition

The season of gift-giving has come around again, and I am so excited to showcase some really amazing small businesses you can support this festive period. 2021 has been a blast for shopping small, with more and more brilliant, talented creatives setting up shop all over the world, there’s something for everyone! And who doesn’t…

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My Current K-Beauty Skincare Routine (2021) + discounts for you!

We already know I’m the biggest K-Beauty stan of 2021, almost my entire skincare routine is filled with products from K-beauty lines. It’s no secret that K-beauty has quickly become a favourite of so many skincare consumers all around the world – particularly for their natural and gentle ingredients, adorable packaging and value for money.…

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Places To Visit Before I’m 30

Good day everyone! I haven’t travelled anywhere or been on a break from work since February 2020 and that’s insane to me. The pandemic has really put my entire life on a hold and I hope more than ever that everything can go back to ‘normal’ soon. I’m double jabbed already, are you? I love…

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I Miss The Lincolnshire Skies

I don’t think we can ever appreciate things while we’re doing it. We can only truly appreciate it when it’s gone – and that’s the sad reality of many people’s lives. I spent 4 years in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. The 4 years felt like 4 months. Even though I spent 1,460 days in that city, I…

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