Disneyland Paris at Christmas – Day 3

Our final day in Disneyland Paris had come around and I WAS SO SAD. I couldn’t even tell you how sad I was that all this was coming to an end. However I must say, 3 days was definitely enough to complete all that we wanted to do. And my feet were almost dead by this point! 

We packed our luggages and threw away our trash, bought a bottle of water from the vending machine and headed to the lobby to check in our suitcases.

A lovely Christmas tree in our hotel lobby.

Chris and I checked used the Disney Express again in the morning and our luggage were delivered to the Eurostar Station straight away so we didn’t have to walk around the park with 2 bags. Once again, I would HIGHLY recommend everyone to use Disney Express. The amount of hassle we saved with them is insane and they handled our stuff very well.

Also, if you need a travel adaptor like I did, most hotel lobbies sell them for £5 if you’re a resident of said hotel. Most also have a small Disney souvenir store in them which is handy for ears.

Chris and I had already planned to make our last day mostly about shopping and finishing up the last few rides we wanted to go on but didn’t get a chance to yet.

We went into basically every store to get little bits and bobs and some gifts for each other (we had a hard time trying to hide from each other in the store) and it was very very fun but also stressful with the amount of people in 1 store, and also because it was a Sunday.


I don’t know how Chris did it, but he somehow managed to convince me to get on the Tower of Terror ride with him which was the ride I absolutely did not want to take. The queue had gone down from 2 hours to 40 minutes so I thought, meh, why not?

I hate rides that have free falls or steep drops and this ride consisted of drop after drop. I was in the queue with tons of kids who looked fearless. As soon as I sat down in the ride, cold sweat hit my palms. Instead of holding onto the railings as instructed, I clutched onto Chris for dear life for the entire ride and thought I died a couple of times.

I regretted this decision (kind of). I guess it was still kinda fun.

After that nightmare of a ride, we went on to something tamer – Snow White’s Scary Adventures. It was very pleasant and reminded me a lot of Peter Pan’s Flight which I really enjoyed.

The rain started again so the Green Alien hat made its appearance again.

Me with my children.

I really regret not getting the Alien plush as I thought it was quite an iconic character for our trip here because I was wearing the hat in most of my pictures.

Our Eurostar was going to leave at about 3pm to head back to the UK so we did a lot of our last minute shopping at World Of Disney which is a massive Disney store that’s also nearest to the train station.

Love this store! (And the man in this picture)

All in all, my boyfriend and myself combined spent about €700 – that included the shopping, food, and miscellaneous stuff like room service, travel adaptors and vending machine water. I would say that it was definitely enough money for 3 days and all our meals, but if you’re travelling with a family, €1,000 or more would be more appropriate.

We made our way to the Eurostar Station to collect our suitcase and waited in the longest line in the world as our train was delayed by 30 minutes. We set off about 45 minutes after our actual departure time which was quite annoying but I was happy to just be seated with music playing in my ears.

That concluded our lovely 3 day getaway to Paris. I have to thank my lovely boyfriend Chris for working so hard to take me here, complete with train tickets and a lovely hotel booked. I already cannot wait to visit again! I think Disneyland Paris is definitely one of the most beautiful looking parks around.

Did you visit Disneyland lately? What was your experience like?

I’m also thinking of making a Disneyland Paris Tips And Tricks post – what do you think? Would anyone like to see that? Comment on this post or any other Disneyland post and let me know!

This will be my last post of 2019 and I’m very happy to end it on such a nice note. Thank you everyone for reading and for joining me on my new blogging journey. I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings! Happy New Year everyone! ❤

11 responses to “Disneyland Paris at Christmas – Day 3”

  1. You’re much braver than me going on the Tower of Terror – I hate any ride with drops! 😂 The Disney village for shopping was AMAZING – my friend and I spent nearly 2 hours in there when we went just make sure we’d covered every single thing! Xx


  2. Such beautiful pictures! I can totally relate to feeling utterly sad on the last day of visiting Disney, let alone any holiday I go on! I’m glad you had a lovely time nevertheless! Thank you for sharing x
    – Katelyn


  3. I loved reading about your experience on Disneyland and now I want to go back straight away! 😀
    Would love to read a Tip and Trick post. I found them very helpful before going to plan a bit because I would probably be broke otherwise. Hope your 2020 is going great so far! 😀


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