A March Recap and Favourites!

Hi there everyone! I hope everyone has been doing good, what with all the mess of the pandemic and many people having to self-isolate or quarantine. Please take good care of yourselves and stay hydrated. I’ve had an intensely stressful week at work and I thought it was time I retreated to my quiet place – my blog.

I’m sure many of you are currently stuck at home, unable to meet your group of friends or head into work. We are in some tough times! Please abide to the laws of whatever country you’re in and be considerate towards other people. The virus is not a joke.

I’ve never done a monthly favourites and I’m not sure why since I love reading other people’s. I’m someone who loves trying new things especially when they’re highly raved about. I guess you could say I suffer from some form of FOMO. Here are some of the things I’ve been enjoying this month, from skincare to iPhone accessories to Netflix recommendations!

Innisfree’s Green Tea Lip Conditioning Oil

It wouldn’t be a favourites post of this month without something Innisfree-related! I’ve been enjoying this brand way too much recently. If you suffer from dry, chapped lips like me (even though I drink LOADS of water!), this is an amazing and affordable product I would recommend. It feels very rich and the fragrance isn’t overpowering – I usually wear it overnight to let it soak in as it is a lip oil. During the day I wear my Burt’s Bee’s lip balm but in the evenings I use this lip oil. It has worked wonders so far!

I realise that some nights when I forget to put it on, my lips crack in the morning!

The Righteous Butter Body Moisturiser from Soap And Glory

My boyfriend very kindly gifted me this item for my birthday in a big Soap And Glory gift basket and I’m obsessed with it! I mostly only use it at night as I find it to be very moisturising and I sleep with the air conditioning on. It smells very typical Soap And Glory – shea butter and a bit of rose. The tub I got it in was a special edition Wonder Woman tub which is very cute.

I’ve used it every day for a month and it looks like I’ve barely put a dent in it! It only costs about £9.

I’m looking to try more Soap and Glory products that I haven’t had the chance to since the brand has been discontinued in Singapore, so please leave your suggestions as to what I should try so my boyfriend can (kindly) send them over to me! 😊

So White Body Spray by Lush Cosmetics

OH MY GOD! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was to find out that this product was now on the shelves in Lush stores in Singapore. I love the smell of apples and this was basically apple juice in body spray form. I headed down to the nearest Lush and sniffed it and I absolutely love it. It smells exactly like crisp apples with a bit of extra sweetness from the rose absolute.

The only downside of this product (which might not be a downside for everyone) is that the smell doesn’t linger for hours. It is relatively subtle as compared to their other body sprays like Celebrate or Love which I can still smell on myself at the end of an 11 hour shift. This is also a good thing as it is not overpowering for yourself or the people around you.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix

I’m sure by now everyone has heard about Gabriel Fernandez and his tragic story. This Netflix original caught my eye when I first watched the trailer about 2 months back. How extremely heartbreaking this story is – it follows the case and investigation towards the torture and murder of 9 year old Gabriel Fernandez by the very people who were meant to protect him. It was captivating and yet upsetting from start to finish and I’ve recommended almost everyone I know to give it a watch.

It is very graphic and extremely emotional. Netflix did a great job documenting this. Rest in peace, Gabriel.

Biscuit iPhone Phone Case

This is probably my most random item in this list! If you know me personally or see my content on my Instagram stories, you’ll know I’m a phone case NERD. I own more phone cases than I can use, I know, it’s a problem. But they’re all so cute and cheap! I got this biscuit phone case for my new iPhone 11 Pro Max that I got for myself for Valentine’s Day and it is my current favourite thing. I like silicone 3D-type cases as opposed to the normal plain cases people usually get for the sleek, beautiful iPhone, mostly because I like how it feels. The bulkier the better for me, it makes the phone feel more secure in my hands. Anyone with me? 😛

I got this case in light brown (extreme right in the picture above) but they come in many different colours like dark brown and yellow. You can buy them from most websites that ship from China, including AliExpress, Wish or Shopee. I got mine from AliExpress for only £2.40/$4.20! They’re super cheap and shipping from these websites are usually only a quid or two. Because of how often I change phone cases, I think I’ll have a new favourite very soon but currently I’m loving this one!

2 metre long Baseus Cable

Baseus has been a brand that I’ve relied on for charging cables for many years. When I had my good old iPhone 6, I invested in my first Baseus cable. When I switched over to my Samsung Galaxy S9+, I went back and got another USB-C cable from them. Now with my current iPhone 11 Pro Max, I got a 2m charging cable again, this time in a really cool camo colour! I love longer cables as I like to use my phone while it’s charging and I’m laying in my bed which isn’t very near my wall sockets. 2m is perfect for me.

They’re very affordable and their products are very high quality. Every cable I’ve ever bought also lasted me years which other random cable brands didn’t do for me as I’m quite rough with them – I tug and pull a lot (don’t learn that from me!).

My first set of Matte Gel Nails

Not to be a complete narcissist and slot a picture of my own fingers into this post but I got my first set of matte gel nails from my lovely nail tech Tasha (you can visit her at www.instagram.com/callinails). I had never tried the colour red or a matte effect on my nails in my entire life because I was too scared. I always thought my skin tone would never suit a bright colour like red but I really liked how it turned out! The matte effect helped tone down the jarring redness that it would’ve been.

*Excuse the hairy knuckles!

What are some awesome things you’ve discovered this month? Leave them down in the comments below so I can check them out!

To all my readers, please stay safe! Look after yourself and your families. Health is the most important thing – far more important than a bit of socializing or shopping, those things can wait! Sanitize your hands, stay away from crowds and try to wear a mask on public transport during these trying times. Don’t forget social distancing!

Sending love to everyone facing any sort of difficulty because of the virus right now.

Till next time,

42 responses to “A March Recap and Favourites!”

  1. I love reading other bloggers favourites posts because you always find something new to check out. I love the sound of the So White body spray from LUSH. I had a biscuit phone case on my old iPhone and I miss it, they’re so cute and those matte nails are gorgeous – they suit you so much!

    Shannon x


    • The biscuit case is the cutest! I’m obsessed with it and the little face. I love my nails too! They grow out really fast so I quickly took a bunch of pics of it while it was still fresh. Thanks for reading! 🌼


  2. Your nails are literally life right now! They are so cute and I’m super jealous! Haha. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never ordered from aliexpress but I’ve seen so many cute things come from there! Love the phone case!


    • Aliexpress is awesome for cute and affordable stuff! Shipping can be awhile but it’s worth it if you can wait 🙂 x


  3. Your nails are so pretty, I’m jealous! I love a fresh manicure, it feels so good. I’ll have to pick up that Lush body spray, I’m also a sucker for all things Lush! Those little phone cases are cute too.


    • I’m obsessed with Lush too! Wishing I took more advantage of my staff discount when I used to work there. Thank you for reading x


  4. Great post! I love your round up. Your nails are SO cute! And also, I’ve never heard of the Lush body spray and will have to check that out. Thank you for sharing!


    • My nail tech is the best and I hope to always return to her as long as she continues her business! Thanks for commenting x


  5. Really enjoyed reading this! I absolutely love Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter its one of my faves. And I’m loving the biscuit phone case!
    Becca x


  6. I love all these products, they all sound amazing and worth a try. I especially love your nails! They are so pretty and I love the pattern and color you chose!


  7. I love green tea and its replenishing effects so that lip oil looks sweet!
    I had not heard of Gabriel Fernandez but I did a quick search. I think I would cry too much watching such a sad movie, but I love that it has been made and is hopefully opening up eyes to the horrors of abuse.
    On a more happy note, your nails are so full of life! I love the little spring flowers.


    • I would highly recommend the Netflix show as it is very educational and pulls up more awareness on child abuse. It is quite a hard show to watch. Thank you for reading x


  8. Your nails are gorgeous! Such a lovely design and really apt for spring. I definitely need to give that Lush body spray a try as anything apple scented sounds right up my street! The Soap & Glory body butter has to be one of my all time favourites too – it works so well and it smells heavenly! Also how cute are those iPhone cases?! I’ll need to do some research to see if there’s anything out there for my Huawei. Thanks for sharing and stay safe 🙂 x


    • Lush body sprays are always sooo good and I love the scent of apple. Apple scented candles are also my favourite! There are tons of huawei cases on AliExpress, you can definitely check it out there. Thank you for the kind words x


  9. I love your nails, they are so pretty. I also think those phone cases are super cute!! Will definitely be looking at picking up one for myself!

    Linda || Lindaroche.blogspot.com


  10. Aww the phone cases is so cute! I saw your nails on Instagram, they are so pretty and perfect for Spring! Thank you for sharing your favourites!


  11. Lush does a great job with their products! It is a bummer when the smell doesn’t last. I need to watch that documentary! I’ve seen one for Aaron Hernandez and it was crazy. Love your nails! Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


    • Yeah, the smells don’t last the whole day but I love their body sprays for that! They sometimes really last over 12 hours x


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