What’s On My iPhone 11 Pro Max!

Hello readers!

As you might know from my March Favourites post, I got myself an iPhone 11 Pro Max on Valentine’s Day this year as a little gift to myself. It’s probably the most expensive non-consumable I’ve bought for myself (do airplane tickets count as consumable? I’m not sure) and I’m in love with it.

I used to own an iPhone 6 wayyyy back in the day and then I switched over to the Samsung S9+ just to try it out when my contract ended and I loved it! That whole Android VS iPhone debate is moot to me as they’re both amazing phones. I did miss the iPhone and I also went back to it because I own a MacBook. Anyway, I saved up and finally got my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

She’s beautiful!

I love watching other people talk about what apps are on the phones on YouTube or in a blog post. As with every smart phone comes apps, and here are some of the great apps that are on my iPhone!

I’m not going to talk about the obvious simple ones like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. We all know I’m already on these apps 24/7!


The most important of all in an iPhone is what you use to edit your photos. To me it is at least! These are some of the best photo editing apps I’ve found and use regularly.

Meitu – Wow this is an EDITING APP. You can do pretty much everything in it, I mainly use it to edit my spots out of my face and to do more artistic editing, like adding frames, graphics and effects. It is BRILLIANT. You can even make yourself taller!

VSCO – I’m sure everyone who has ever been on Instagram is aware of the app VSCO. The filters are amazing and they always seem to make my pictures look better than any other app. My favourites are K2, K3, C3 and HB2. I don’t have the premium version of the app which has even more filters but I hope to purchase it in the future as this app has very high quality stuff.

Quickshot – This is an app I had recently discovered when I was trying to edit photos from my Disneyland trip. The skies were quite grey and even though my Instagram feed doesn’t have a ‘theme’, I usually want my photos to look colourful and happy. This app helped me put in a blue sky with clouds in all my duller pictures. They have nice options like filters and effects too!

Preview – I love this app! Because of how particular I am with what I post on my ig feed, I always like to know what it looks like on my feed before committing to a post. This app helps me preview everything so I can decide if a photo fits in or not. It’s also completely free!


Tik Tok – I was reeled into the world of Tik Tok early this year, and as of today it is my 2nd most used app daily (1st being Instagram). I don’t make any of my own Tik Toks but I do enjoy watching them. Some of my favourite accounts include Influencers In The Wild, Banter King Official and Animals Doing Things. My Tik Tok @ is marsybun if you want to follow me – I do plan on posting stuff some time in the future!

Reddit – It’s a ritual for me to browse my Reddit feed in the mornings while I’m on the way to work. It’s almost like my morning newspaper. Some of my favourite subreddits are r/explainlikeimfive, r/makeupaddiction, r/skincareaddiction, r/disney, r/doesanybodyelse and r/insanepeoplefacebook.

Tumblr – Some of you might think wow, Tumblr is a site that hasn’t been spoken about for years. I still use it pretty much every other day to reblog things. It’s just nice to see what people are on about. I’ve been on Tumblr since maybe 2011 and I’ve loved it the whole time. Click for my Tumblr link!

Spotify – I love Spotify and I couldn’t live without it. I’ve paid premium for a good 4 years now and I don’t regret it. You can search me on Spotify by typing in “Marissa Belle” as I have loads of cool playlists!


Mobile Legends – I’m not a huge MOBA gamer (I only like ML and Heroes of the Storm) but this game is amazing for a smartphone! The graphics are great, there are barely any lags and it is easy to play. If you like League of Legends or Heroes of the Storm, you’ll love this. It does take up quite a lot of phone space and there are constant updates but it’s worth it!

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp – I got this game from the day it was released! I am a huge Animal Crossing fan and I’ve played loads of their games and I just bought a switch lite to play New Horizons and I am very excited about that!

LINE Tsum Tsum – This is one of my favourite games (and franchises) of all time! I’m obsessed with tsum tsums. I started collecting tsum tsum plushes before the game was even released back in the day. The only downside to this game is you need the LINE app to play it which no one around me really uses. It’s a fun game and am able to play for HOURS. If you play this too, what’s your favourite tsum to use? Mine is probably Marie or Birthday Anna.

Pokemon Go – Okay okay hear me out. A lot of irl friends have made fun of me for still playing Pokemon Go on a daily basis as it is considered ‘outdated’. I JUST WANT TO CATCH THEM ALL (genuinely)! I play this game mostly to fill my Pokedex, I don’t care so much for battles and raids. Feel free to add me on it for daily gifts – my friend code is 565156960430.

What are some apps you love on your phone? Do you have any underrated apps that you think more bloggers or just social media users in general should know about? Comment them below! 😊I also am a lover of mobile games so I would love to know what your favourites are and what the gameplay is like, I could maybe get into some new games soon.

As a blogger and someone who uses Instagram wayyyy too often, apps kind of run my life! I hope all of you found this post interesting and informative – and maybe use some of them in the future!

Till my next post, take care of yourselves and stay safe! ❤️

26 responses to “What’s On My iPhone 11 Pro Max!”

  1. Great Post! I’m on Pokemon Go too, most days. I only started playing about a year ago and I still love it. Very addictive! I will add you as a friend! x

    Linda || Lindaroche.blogspot.com


    • Thank you for adding me! I look forward to exchanging gifts with you. Pokémon Go is soooo fun, people are missing out!


  2. Hey girl, I’m enjoyed to read your blog!
    Just wanna to share an app that’s I recently download is call – UOKA Cam, you can have a try 🥰
    Fr: Camel


  3. I got a new iPhone for Christmas and looove all the features, especially the high quality camera! I haven’t downloaded many photo editing apps yet, so thank you for the recommendations. I’m always listening to Spotify too, getting premium is such a good investment. Thanks for sharing, have a lovely Easter! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  4. I got the new Iphone 11 pro max too a few weeks ago and I’m loving it! I was soooo happy for my upgrade haha. I really enjoyed reading this and browsing through your blog !


  5. This is a fab post! Definitely going to check out those editing apps as I am always looking to mix things up with the way I edit photos. I am def in need of Preview too as my IG feed is all over the place!

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx


    • Preview is awesome especially if you like seeing what your Instagram can look like overall. I’m very very OCD about what I post so this app is very important to me! X


    • Tik Tok is amazing, I spend wayyy too much time on it now! Pokémon Go has been a bit dead for me since isolation started but I’ve taken advantage of incense so I can use them while I’m still at home where there are no pokéstops x


  6. It is so cool to see what people on their phones. I love how sleek iPhones are and their iMessages service. Kind of why I haven’t joined the Android gang yet lol. Ooooh I should get VSCO. I need to up my editing game! It is cool that you can play Animal Crossing on your phone. Thanks for sharing all of these cool apps! I mean the coolest app I have on my phone is COD mobile haha!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


    • iMessage is awesome! Unfortunately a lot of my friends don’t own iPhones. VSCO is amazing! Thanks for commenting x


    • It does have a great camera! I’m most impressed by the 4k video recording tbh. The selfie camera can be a bit wonky in certain lightings (people have said the iPhone 7’s selfie camera is better) but I don’t take many selfies 😛


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