An April Recap and Favourites!

Happy end of April everyone!

I hope the month has treated you well and you’re looking forward to May. I can’t believe how fast the month has gone! I started working from home on the 6th and all of a sudden it’s the end of the month. I really didn’t think it would fly by like this.

Recap and reflection 🌟-

It has been quite a tough month for everyone. Working from home has been surprisingly comfortable for me, even though I know not many people like it. I’m not someone who thrives on social interaction so I’ve been quite happy cooped up at home by myself, doing things by myself. I hope everyone has been coping well with this.

It has been hard not being able to go out for nothing at all. I feel guilty even going for a walk. I do like some fresh air but when wearing a mask outdoors is compulsory, you only get so much ‘fresh air’. I’ve started wearing the cloth masks as I feel they’re slightly more comfortable than the disposable sort that also make me break out!

Been very unhappy with my skin lately. I couldn’t even count the amount of huge cystic acne breakouts I’m having on both my cheeks right now and I’m very embarrassed about it. I’ve put some money towards The Ordinary and Cerave skincare which I’ve been using religiously for about a week. I’ve not seen much difference but I’m going to keep persuing.

It was my boyfriend’s birthday on the 27th and he turned 25! I sent him a package for his birthday but Royal Mail failed me and it has been ‘floating’ somewhere since the 1st of April so my poor Chris only got 1 Amazon delivery that I sent as a little ‘extra’.

April Favourites –

Animal Crossing New Horizons!

This game has been my NUMBER ONE favourite this entire month (and I’m sure it will remain in the top 2 for the following months) and I am obsessed!

Anyone got the Animal Crossing fever where the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning is check the shop and start gathering bugs to sell? ME TOO!

I finally unlocked Terraforming yesterday after a long and hard battle of planting a hundred or so (lol) flowers all over my island to get KK Slider to come perform. Terraforming has been fun but also quite stressful as I have learned over the years that I have NO EYE for aesthetic decorating at all. My island has looked like a mess for ages but since I’ve started to make paths, it is looking a bit better.

Are you playing New Horizons too? What’s your island called? Mine’s Acre Wood like the 100 Acre Wood from Winnie The Pooh (of course I had to put a touch of Disney in there!).

Tea Spill Youtube Videos

I’m not one to be involved in drama (I would much rather stay out of it!) but I loooove watching Tea Spill videos on YouTube – it’s a guilty pleasure of mine. Recently I’ve been really enjoying Angelika Oles, Anna Oop and Spill (Spilly). I love seeing content about YouTube goss and drama. I’ve been loving the Tana Mongeau stuff as well as Jeffree Star tea. *sip*

Rewatching Peep Show

This might be my 6th rewatch of Peep Show! I absolutely love Peep Show – it is so true to life and as a former film student, I really appreciate that 99% of the entire show is filmed from a POV, it is very interesting and also a lot of hard work and coordination. David Mitchell and Robert Webb are absolutely hilarious in it.

Have you ever seen Peep Show? What’s your favourite Peep Show moment?

Quality time with my pets

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know in January my family welcomed a new puppy named Maui (after Maui from Moana). Little Maui came from Japan from one of my mum’s friends who had a whole litter of Papillons.

He is an adorable little critter, currently still in the midst of being toilet-trained and getting along with my other dog, a Shetland Sheepdog named Disney.

I’ve been playing with him a lot lately as he has a ton of energy to be burned and because we can’t go out much, running around in the house has become routine. He loves toys with squeaky things in them and also loves to sit on Disney’s face while she’s having a nap which sometimes results in a little scrap but they’ve never actually hurt each other!

My dad and I also cut his nails for the first time yesterday and he was well behaved! 😊

Working from home (kinda!)

My work-from-home routine has definitely been more relaxed than most other people’s as I work in a school. We don’t have personal work laptops, nor do we have the school system installed anywhere but at our workplaces so our work at home is very limited. We can only answer calls, emails and have the odd meeting about updates.

Because of this, I’ve been more active on social media and have been trying to get some blog post drafts together but my writer’s block is also getting to me! It has to be due to all the staying at home and not doing or seeing anything new. What have you encountered or discovered from working from home? Do you prefer working from home?

April has gone by just like that! I’m truly amazed as I did think all the staying at home would somehow bore me out of my mind and that I’d go a bit nuts but I’m actually doing well. Thank for for reading my April wrap-up post. This time I decided to combine a recap and my favourites together so that everything was simplified into an April conclusion.

Cheers to the upcoming May – may it be better for us all! 😊

38 responses to “An April Recap and Favourites!”

  1. I am also surprised at how quickly April has gone by! I thought it would go slowly in the current circumstances. I’ve enjoyed having a more relaxed routine too. Your puppy is so cute, I love his fluffy ears! I’ve got a cat so I’ve been spending quality time with her too.


    • Peep Show is awesome! It’s all available on Netflix 😊 Maui is sooo precious, just wish he’d stop peeing everywhere! Haha x


  2. I absolutely love Peep Show! It is one of my fave shows and I must have re-watched it so many times, it makes me laugh so much. Aww, little Maui is so adorable! I have 3 cats and they definitely brighten up my day and it’s lovely to spend extra time with them now I’m home so much 🙂 Thank you for sharing your favourites and hope you have a nice month ahead! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


    • Thank you for the lovely comment, spending time with Maui is sooo fun. We hope he gets properly toilet trained soon! 😊


  3. Loved this post! My skin has also been acting up lately and I have no idea why!! Animal Crossing is literally my addiction now – I am at the process of planting plants EVERYWHERE and cannot wait till I can create paths and decorate my island. Your little pup is to die for – and the fact you have another one called Disney – OMG GOALS!!


    • Let’s all pray to the skin gods that our skin gets better soon! Animal Crossing has definitely taken over my life too 😊


  4. I LOVE Peep Show! It’s hilarious and it never fails to make me laugh. Your pooch is just adorable – I’ve been loving spending more time with my cat these last few weeks and she’s been loving all the extra cuddles! Hope you have a great May! 🙂 x


    • Peep Show is SOOO good isn’t it! And I love that all our pets are really confused but yet enjoying human interaction time 😉


  5. April really did pass in the blink of an eye, didn’t it?! My lockdown favourites have been pretty similar to yours to be fair. Minus ACNH which makes me really sad. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to jump on this bandwagon too!


    • It’s a very fun game and I hope you get to experience it! And yes, April practically didn’t exist 😛


  6. I am surprised too by how quickly April has gone by! I thought it would drag on, especially since I am currently not working. We are planning on going back to work on May 18th and I think it will be a crazy adjustment after having so much time off at home! And I agree, I also have enjoyed spending so much more quality time with my pet too!


    • I’m afraid of how I’m going to adjust when I get back to work first of June too! I think mostly my sleep schedule is going to be messed up.


  7. I recently bought some products from The Ordinary and they’ve really helped my skin. Hopefully, they’ll help your skin out too. OMG! I love that you named your island Acre Wood! Winnie The Pooh is one of my favorite Disney characters! I would love to visit it someday. Maui is the cutest! ♥


    • I think they’ve been doing a bit of good! Sadly my skin is very resistant and “thick” – so products take a long time to work or sometimes don’t work at all. And thank you! Maui appreciates the comment 😊


  8. April certainly did fly by!! But I was loving reading, watching ‘a series of unfortunate events’ on Netflix, Harry Potter movies and spending time in my cosy room. Glad you managed to find comfort in things and are enjoying working from home. Keep staying safe, great post!!! Xxx


  9. I agree with you, April has gone by just like that.
    I wish I get to really enjoy it like how I planned but hopefully I live long enough to do it next year 🙂
    Btw, I love your blog so much 🙂


  10. Oh my gosh, Maui is so cute! I love that movie, it’s so good.
    Glad to hear that working from home hasn’t been too bad for you so far! x


    • Maui says thank you 😊 And yeah I’m a homely person so I guess this has worked out in my favour! Hope you’re doing well x


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