Disneyland Paris Rides Worth The Queue

Hello everyone and I hope you’re all doing good!

It has been a while since I wrote a Disney-related post. You can catch up on all my Disneyland Paris adventures here! It was the best 3 days ever and I am so grateful my lovely boyfriend brought me there during Christmas time as it was absolutely beautiful.

I’ve been missing Disney SO much recently that I’ve been binge watching Disneyland vlogs on YouTube.

Everyone is aware that the queues at Disneyland can be one of the worst and most miserable parts of visiting the happiest place in the world. The world would be better without queues! From my personal experience, here are some rides worth the 45 minute to 2 hour queue. Disclaimer – I have also included rides in the Walt Disney Studios park in this post! 😊

Some tips – download the Disneyland Paris app on your phones and connect to the Park wifi! This was very very useful for Chris and I as the app tells you how long the queues are at each ride at any time of the day. This is the best way to avoid standing on your feet for ages and also helps you plan your day in the most efficient way possible. The app even has the schedule for parades.

Re-opening Phantom Manor Announced - Travel to the Magic

First up (and my personal favourite), Phantom Manor! This was one of the rides I was most excited for from the moment Chris and I stepped into the park. I love spooky, creepy stuff as well as Disney so this was essentially me in a park ride. We were very lucky as there was almost NO QUEUE (we figured that out thanks to the Disneyland Paris app) and we managed to go right in!

I love the aesthetics of Phantom Manor and it is a very exciting experience for anyone who has never been on a ‘ride’ like it, especially the first bit where the walls go downwards into the floor (it’s called the “Stretching Room”) and it’s almost like you’re being transported into another world. You get a whole backstory and everything to set the scene. After that, you move into a separate room where everyone gets into their own little pod. I shared it with Chris and it was perfect as there was one very fun bit where you could see a ghostly figure sat in the middle of you and your friend and it was the most IMMERSIVE part.

I would highly recommend Phantom Manor for anyone of all ages – it’s not that scary that you would get nightmares but the animatronics and voiceovers are pretty creepy.

Official]Peter Pan's Flight|Tokyo Disneyland|Tokyo Disney Resort

Next up, we have Peter Pan’s Flight! I would say this is a very underrated ride as most people have the perception that it is a very ‘kiddy’ ride but it is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful rides in Disneyland. You sit with your friends in a little magic galleon that flies above all of London which is where the storyline of Peter Pan is set. The galleon can take up to 4 people.

You get to fly through the Darling family’s nursery, over the city and you may even spot some mermaids and pirates. The entire ride is very smooth and you really do feel like you’re floating in the air. The galleon is attached to the ceiling to give it a real feel of levitation. Look out for the little, amazing details like looking down on the London city and seeing the cars move, or the cannon ball that is shot ‘towards’ you. The music really plunges you into the world of Peter Pan and it is a very magical experience. The queues can get pretty lengthy for this ride as it is one of the ‘calmer’ ones.

The only downside I would say about the ride is that it is too short – I think maybe 3 minutes? I enjoy this too much for it to end that fast!

Disney and more: Disneyland Paris Update: Hyperspace Mountain Open ...

Now for a more turbulent ride, we have Hyperspace Mountain! Originally known as Space Mountain, the name was changed to Hyperspace Mountain in 2018. This ride is WILD. My legs felt like jelly after and it’s not for the faint hearted (or for anyone with back, neck or vertigo issues). There was NO LINE for this ride at all as Chris and I ran over to it right when the parades were ending.

Regardless, this is a very thrilling ride. At some bits I almost felt like I could be thrown off the coaster. It is a very high-speed ride and kind of took my breath away at certain parts! Don’t expect amazing visuals as the entire ride is plunged into darkness, but expect lots of cosmic, galactic scenes. It is very beautiful, especially when you notice little specks of stars surrounding you. This ride is not for everyone as it is quite rough but I would highly recommend it for people who love an adrenaline rush!

*This beautiful photo was taken by Jessica – go follow her on Instagram!* 

Let’s move along to Walt Disney Studios Park just for this mention – it is just as fun as the main Disneyland Park. This was the ride Chris and I queued for the LONGEST (I think it was 2 hours and my feet were dying), and it is Crush’s Coaster!

I was very adamant about trying this ride out as I loved the concept of being in a turtle shell and the fact that you could go backwards on the track. I also love Finding Nemo! We queued in the rain for what seemed like forever and finally got indoors about 1 and a half hours later. This ride really took me by surprise – it was much wilder than I thought it would be! There were some very sharp turns and at some points I felt like I could’ve flown off! For some reason I was naive enough to think anything Nemo-related would’ve been tame, I was quite wrong. It was very very fun though! No where near as heart-throbbing as Hyperspace Mountain was, but it still did surprise me a bit.

Big Thunder Mountain railroad in Thunder Messa, Frontierland ...

Last but definitely not least, we have Big Thunder Mountain! Back in the main Disney park!

Once again, Chris and myself being very lucky, managed to get on this ride almost immediately. It is quite a wild, fast ride with lots of fast turns and drops, but nothing that will make your heart feel like it’s falling out of your mouth.

I absolutely love the architecture of this ride. It transports you into a railroad mine, the ride is a train cart and the mountains surround you so much you almost forget you’re in the same land Disney Princesses are in. Even though this ride can be enjoyed at all times of the day, I would highly recommend you to get on it while the sun is still up as there are many bits where you are outdoors and it makes it much more immersive!

If you’ve been to Disneyland Paris, or any other Disney park in the world, what are your favourite rides?

What would you queue, maybe, 4 hours for? (Crazy, I know, but I’m not surprised that some rides can go up to 4 hour long queues and people would still stand in line! I know I would for Phantom Manor!)

Till next time, look after yourselves! 💖

49 responses to “Disneyland Paris Rides Worth The Queue”

  1. Great picks – Hyperspace Mountain is one of my favourite rides at Disneyland Paris! The queues are definitely worth it. I’ve only managed to go on Crush’s Coaster once (last year) and really enjoyed it. Phantom Manor is a great ride too – it broke down when we were on it once which added to the spooky vibes.


    • Oh my goodness! I would be really excited if Phantom Manor broke down while I was on it tbh, unless of course it caused some harm! 😊 Thanks for commenting!


      • I’d totally agree with all of these. I find these rides are the ones with generally the longer queues – but it’s because they’re the best rides! I’d wait for hours for Peter Pan’s Flight, it’s my favourite ride and SO magical although Thunder Mountain and Crushes Coaster are so much fun! Fab post!


      • Thank you for commenting! You’re very right about all the long queues belonging to the best rides. I was actually really surprised Phantom Manor had such a small queue when I was heading towards it, probably got very lucky! Crush’s Coaster was the most insane queue I had been in but it was an experience 😊


  2. I’ve never been to disneyland as I hated the thought of going somewhere, spending a lot of money, but then end up queuing for hours! So I’m really glad that they have a Park app where you can see the queuing times. I love the sound of Thunder Mountain!


    • You should go to Disney at least once – I guess the queues are part of the experience haha! But a lot of planning would be very handy 😊


    • It’s definitely worth a visit! If you can do 3 days it would be perfect – you can cover most things in 3 days!


    • I’ve heard that the California Disneyland is the best one, I hope to visit one day! The Paris one is very very beautiful too and holds a special place in my heart 😊


  3. I’ve only been to Disney World many years ago & more recently Disneyland in California, but I would love to visit Disneyland Paris one day! I love the Haunted Mansion so I would probably love Phantom Manor too & Crush’s Coaster sounds fun!


    • Oohh I would totally love to go visit Disney World one day soon – the videos and pictures I’ve seen from it are sooo beautiful!


    • Thank you for the compliment – honestly had the hardest time picking these out as all the rides were great! 😊


    • Ooh I’ve never been to any of the Disneylands in America, I’ve only visited the Paris one twice and Japan one once when I was very little so I have almost no memory of it at all. The Paris one is very special to me 😊


  4. Great post! When I went to Disneyland Paris last year we didn’t go on half the rides we wanted to because of the queues being a bit crazy. We did Hyperspace Mountain which was 45 minutes and I wasn’t a fan – a bit too fast for me and the visuals made me feel very sick! I quite liked Phantom Manor but after Hyperspace Mountain I kept expecting a huge drop or something to happen even though we weren’t in quite as secure seats 😂 We were desperate to go on Crush’s Coaster too but we visited the Studios park on our second day which is when we were also due to go home so we only really had half a day to explore. The queue was over 2 hours and the options were spend all of our time in the queue or explore the rest of the park so we went with the latter – if I go again it would definitely be top of my list though!


    • Oh dear, I’m so sorry you didn’t take Hyperspace Mountain well but I can also completely understand, it is a very wild ride. I hope you get to go on Crush’s Coaster the next time you visit Disneyland, it was a long queue for me and I was quite miserable as it was raining and we were outdoors for a long time but when we finally got on the ride it was really fun 😊


  5. I’ve been to Disneyland of Hong Kong. It was definitely worth the money. I feel long queues are a part of the experience. I can wait in a queue even for a while day just to get on the rides lol!


    • The queues are kind of what makes the experience really! But of course I’d much prefer if there was literally no one in the entire park 😛


  6. It’s such a dream of mine to go to Disney! We say about it every year but we definitely need to do it. Although I hate rides so I’d definitely be the one on the side lines waiting for everyone to get off so we can go meet characters hahah xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.co.uk.


    • You can get some fast passes for certain rides (they’re usually the ones with a massive queue – I got one for the Buzz Lightyear ride) and it will save you a lot of standing-in-line time! 😊


  7. I miss Disneyland too! Last time I was there Phantom Manor was closed but Big Thunder Mountain was worth the wait. My favourite is Pirates of the Caribbean


    • Pirates was the first ride I got on when I got to the park, I liked it but as I’m not the biggest fan of the films, it wasn’t among my top rides 😛 I hope you do get to go on Phantom Manor at least once, it’s a fabulous ride!


  8. I’ve never been to Disneyland Paris though I have been to Walt Disney World. When things start returning to normal I definitely need to book a trip to Paris. The Haunted Mansion is my favourite Disney World ride so I’d definitely be heading straight to Phantom Manor!

    Lauren | https://www.laurenyloves.co.uk/


    • Ohhh, I totally understand that feeling! Lockdown has got me missing Disneyland more than ever. We’re the opposite, I’m dying to visit during Halloween time!


  9. I’ve only been to Disney land in Paris, but unfortunately I hate going on rides… However, there are so much other stuff that one can do that I had a blast of a time 🙂


  10. I got to enjoy a couple of days in Disney Orlando in March, before our time there was cut short due to covid *sigh*. I love Phantom Manor (or the Haunted Mansion as it’s called in Florida). Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain are two of my absolute favourite rides! Thank you for sharing!x


  11. Phantom manor and big thunder mountain are my absolute favourites. I didn’t get a chance to do crushs rollercoaster when I went and I was devastated!!! Xxx

    Beth/ imlockeddownwithmybookshelf.blogspot.com


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