Elements Of My Dream Home

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In case you didn’t know, I’m 26 years old and still living with my parents!

Okay, hold up – let me explain. I live in Singapore, and by law, no unmarried person under the age of 35 can buy their own government housing which is all I would be able to afford. Private and landed properties are too expensive for little ol’ me, as I’m currently also living on minimum wage. So here I am – still living in the little flat I grew up in.

That being said, I think about my dream house ALL THE TIME! I have a Pinterest board titled “Home” dedicated to what I’d like my future home to look like or what I’d like to have in it, and I thought I’d share some of my favourites with you. My boyfriend and I discuss these a lot as we do hope to move in together (and be in the same country!) and live in our little dream home.

For all you interior and home buffs, this is the post for you!

A Conservatory

One of the things I’m most excited about having when I do finally get a house is a conservatory!

My boyfriend and I are obsessed with the idea of having one at the back of the house, putting a couple of sofas and chairs in them, having a little TV, some fairy lights, rugs and blankets and making it a little cozy nook. One of my favourite musicals is The Sound Of Music – anyone else love it? Anyone else remember the scene where 16 Going On 17 was filmed? That conservatory, though!

Obviously we would load it up with lots of house plants too! I absolutely cannot wait for this. We have always tried to find Airbnb’s with conservatories in them whenever we travel so we can the ‘feel’ of being in one.

French Door Installations

I’ve only recently become a fan of french doors and I’m wondering why I never was earlier!

I’ve been in a few Airbnbs with french doors, including a little flat in Paris near Champs-Élysées and a house in London. It gives the space such an ‘airy’ feel and I love how spacious it can make any part of a house look. I think I’d like to have my french doors either separating the living room from the rest of the house, leading out to the garden or both! If I did ever have kitchen doors, I’d also like these but ideally I would like an open-plan kitchen.

The first time I saw french doors that I loved was, funnily, in a virtual home tour on a Howard’s Real Estate Facebook video.

A Beautiful Garden

It wouldn’t be my dream home without a garden!

Having lived in a small flat all my life at home and a student flat at university, I never really had the luxury of having the garden experience.

When I lived at my boyfriend’s in Norfolk, we had a garden but even then, for some reason, we barely spent any time there. It might have been because we preferred being out in the Priory Gardens nearby where he lived. I would love to have nice garden furniture, a little table for drinks and putting a book on, and maybe even a little shaded area. I intend on doing little DIYs here and there when I finally do have my own place and I need to make a little Disney-themed terrarium!

I cannot wait to have my own garden with the possibility of a little pond (but oh my god, the maintenance!) and I would also love to have a little hedgehog hole, and a little portion to grow our own vegetables. I love veggies!

Disney-Themed Furniture

These picture are from Kelsey Michelle‘s Instagram and she is my number 1 go-to Instagram account when it comes to Disney home decor! All credit of the 2 photos above go to her. She has a beautiful house that is completely decked out in Disney and yet doesn’t look tacky or childish like most people would perceive a Disney-themed house to look.

Any home I’ve ever had, be it in Singapore or in University, I’ve always had tons of Disney strewn around my room in the form of plushies, duvet covers or clothing items but I’ve never actually had Disney furniture – and my future self-owned home is where I plan to start! Chris and I collectively have loads of Jim Shore Disney Traditions figurines, Funko Pops and Tsum Tsums that we like to display so I would absolutely love to have a showcase like above!

Apart from a nice showcase cupboard, I would love to have a Disney lamp. I’ve seen loads on Pinterest and I’m dying to own one for myself even though I’m sure they cost hundreds of pounds each!

Framed Art Prints

I’ve been very inspired by many people I’ve been following on Instagram lately and how they decorate their homes with cute little framed art prints. I don’t currently have any in my house because I am not allowed to nail things into walls, but I really want my future home to be decked out in arts pieces!

Some places I would like to have art prints dangling are the living room, dining area and the wallspace where the stairs lead to the next floor – it always gives such a nice, homey touch to a simple staircase!

My boyfriend and I both adore the arts as we studied it at University and he is also my designated museum-visiting buddy so I’m sure there will be lots of art pieces places around a home we will share.

Home Office Space

Last but not least and I’m sure this is something most people already have, but I would love to have my own office space! I use my laptop to do pretty much everything and I would a big, proper space to have a little ‘work station’.

Right now at home, my desk is so small, and it is in my bedroom – I would loooove to have a office space separate from my bedroom. My boyfriend also would ideally have a desk on the other end or opposite end of the room and we could both work together but separately. I hope to get a iMac in the future to watch videos and edit stuff! Hopefully the office space can also be a little game room for Chris to bring his PS4 in and I can play some Animal Crossing on the switch.

Honourable mentions of some other things I’d like in my dream home include a vanity dressing table for my makeup/skincare routine everyday, a kitchen island for when I actually learn how to properly cook and a huge bath tub for all my Lush bath bomb needs! 

What are some things you’d like in your dream home (if you don’t already have it)? Are there any things I mentioned that have prompted you to want them in your home too?

If you are already living in your ‘dream home’, what are your favourite parts of it? Share in the comments below!

Back to my dreaming about my future little cozy nook 😊

54 responses to “Elements Of My Dream Home”

  1. Ahh I love this! I’ve dreamed about my dream home SO MANY times and Pinterest is so addictive for it! I’m 27 and still live at home, I don’t think it’s anything to be ashamed of. But I wasn’t aware of those laws in Singapore!


    • To be fair, even if those laws didn’t exist, I don’t have the funds to move out on my own either! Housing in Singapore is very expensive, you can get a tiny 3 room flat for the same price as a terraced house with a garden in the UK!


  2. I have a conservatory in my current house and it was definitely one of the added bonuses of moving into this house. I love your ideas for your dream home x


    • You can, but only under private housing which can sometimes cost up too 500k! I can’t afford that, neither am I married. I think 70% of my unmarried friends who are still above the age of 35 still live with their parents which blows my mind sometimes!


  3. YESSSSS to a conservatory, I’ve always wanted one too! My own mini retreat right in my own home! My husband and I rent our home right now but maybe someday we will be able to buy our dream home with a conservatory! Having an office space is awesome, even if it’s not an entire room, just a desk space with some art around it to inspire you!! Great post 🙂 x


  4. As an interior designer I have to say I LOVED THIS POST!! First of all, I didn’t know that was a law in Singapore which I’m happy to know about now as my bf has been talking about moving there for over two years now!! Secondly, I have to say that the “French Doors” you mentioned aren’t actually French doors – people are so used to calling them that but they have a completely different name so if you tell an interior designer you want French doors, that’s not what you’ll get 😦 loved the post though!!


    • Oh my goodness how foolish of me! What are they called if not french doors? I’m in no way an interior savvy person so I genuinely thought that was what they were called.

      Also, if you’re an expat coming to Singapore, I think the rules are different. You can definitely get a place! He’s the opposite of me, I can’t wait to leave Singapore!


  5. OMG, all these ideas are amazing!
    I haven’t been living with my parents for a while now, but I’m still sharing a flat. And I’ve been dreaming of my future house, collecting visual memories of houses full of plants and wood – can’t wait to get to that moment!


    • I feel you! I dream about my future home all the time and Pinterest isn’t helping. It might be another 1 or 2 (most likely) years before my dream can come true but at least it’s on its way!


  6. I am lucky enough to live in my dream home but I am much older. It takes patience and it will happen. I believe in the saying “all good things come to those who wait”
    I was 55 when we got ours – I had been lucky enough to buy my 2st home at 25 though.
    I think I love it more because I had to wait for it and appreciate it.
    We have French doors that lead out onto a lovely garden. I love watching the birds all day. Love your ideas and wish you every success getting there


    • Oh, what a lovely comment! I totally understand waiting for one and appreciating it more when it finally comes. Your home sounds very lovely! I’m glad you’re living in a place you adore 😊


  7. I love this post! We just moved into our dream house and after 10 years of saving and searching for the right place, we finally found it :-). Like you, we also needed the conservatory (Sound of Music is my favourite all time film, so I totally get you!), the big airy windows/french doors and the garden. It really is worth the wait and all the dreaming and yes, pinterest boards!


  8. I love all these things, but I’m super into framed wall art at the moment. I’ve just managed to buy my own house (in the UK) and one of the first things I got was a load of prints for my walls. It’s a really great way to support small businesses at the minute too, as I’ve got most from places like Etsy. I hope one day you can find your dream home!!
    Ellen xx


  9. Oh I didn’t realise that was a law in Singapore. It’s so nice to imagine a dream house. I’d love a conservatory too – they’re so nice in the bright days! xx


  10. I am envisioning your space to be small and cosy and, for some reason, the idea of a garden makes me immediately think of English style country villages! Also, a conservatory reminds me of the Little Women movie I just watched.

    I love that you created a neatly sectioned Pinterest board; I am sucker for sections. 🙂


  11. Some lovely items in here. I’d love a conservatory or double doors in the kitchen opening up into my fruit-tree-filled garden… a girl can dream, right? x


  12. These look so pretty! I hope you are able to het your dream home one day and that it will be filled with all the things you love. I have Pinterest boards too with ideas and inspiration for my own dream home. I’d really like to have lots of plants, a balcony or small garden or both, open fire, cosy blankets and black and white beamed ceilings. I’d be quite happy to live in a flat or house as long as I’m happy.


    • I’ve lived in flats all my life (I’m 26) so I would like a change of scenery and have a house with STAIRS and a GARDEN! Just the little things 😉


  13. Wow, what a lovely post! I dream of having my private little office space at home that’s overlooking a blooming garden. I usually write at my kitchen table, which is OK in the short run. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. I look forward to your next post, my friend. Greetings from rainy Ireland. Aiva


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