My Disney Plus Watchlist

Disney + is a new movie streaming platform that I’m sure majority of the world on social media has heard about – it’s the Disney fan’s Netflix!

Unfortunately, it isn’t available in Singapore at this moment however we have been told that it might come very soon! My boyfriend wants to get a subscription in the UK and I’m hoping I can eventually share that with him, like how we do for Netflix right now. I am one of the biggest Disney fans I know and I hope it comes to Singapore shores soon!

My buddy Tabitha has also done a similar post at her blog so head over to see her awesome picks!

I have happily prepared a watch list for when it does. This list will include both classic and modern Disney as I am a big fan of both, as well as documentaries and short stories that I might or might have not seen. Here we go!

Ratatouille (2007)

I can’t describe to you how much I love Ratatouille. It is such a unique Disney film, the soundtrack is amazing, and Remy is the cutest little character ever. I became more obsessed with the film after visiting Disneyland Paris in December and going on the Ratatouille ride, as well as seeing the Ratatouille homeware section in the Disney store!

Big Hero 6 (2014)

Big Hero 6 is definitely one of those very very underrated Disney slash Pixar films. I would even say I enjoyed it more than the first Frozen film! Baymax is just one of the most loveable, sentient characters in the Disney franchise that I’m sure everyone and their mother would fall in love with. Also, how cool is it that the film was set in a fictional universe called San Fransokyo which is a mix of San Francisco and Tokyo?! Would totally love for it to be a real place I could visit.

Lady And The Tramp (1955)

Lady And The Tramp holds a special place in my heart. About 2 years ago when Chris and I were walking in the Disney store, I decided to treat him to a Tramp plushie that he still sleeps with till today (don’t tell him I told you that), and it is the cutest thing ever. I haven’t seen the original Lady And The Tramp in years, so I need to rewatch it at some point.

Lady And The Tramp II Scamp’s Adventure is also on Disney + and it is a GREAT sequel! I’ve not seen the ‘live-action’ remake of it yet, but I will catch that once I finish reliving the classics.

The Princess And The Frog (2009)

I ADORE The Princess And The Frog. Set in the beautiful New Orleans, this is a Brother’s Grimm original story with a Disney twist. Originally called the Frog Prince and created in 1810, this tale has lived through the ages and the 2009 rendition did an amazing job, complete with loveable characters and a great soundtrack. You’ll hear me bang on about soundtracks A LOT in this post, as it is one of my favourite parts of Disney films.

Tangled : Before Ever After (2017)

Tangled : Before Ever After is a TV series based on the Tangled movies, and it is soooo adorable. I hardly heard any hype about it, which I found weird, because I gave it a watch back in 2017 and thoroughly enjoyed it! Even though the 2D art-style was more ‘modern’ and not like the Tangled movies at all, the storyline and characters were very similar. The voice actors remained the same too which was a touch my film-buff self really relished in.

Mary Poppins (1964)

I watched Mary Poppins Returns with my boyfriend when I was in the UK in December because I enjoyed it so much on the flight there that I wanted to watch it again. It was a great continuation of the original Mary Poppins in 1964. Julie Andrews is a musical queen, and who could ever not love the classic Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

The Haunted Mansion (2003)

If you read my Disneyland Paris posts, you’ll know that the Phantom Manor ride that was based off the film The Haunted Mansion was my #1 ride in the entire park! The Haunted Mansion is a creepy, yet funny Disney film which is honestly my favourite type of film (horror-comedies), and I think I’ve watched it over 20 times but I never get sick of it.

Anyone else a big fan of the Grim Grinning Ghosts?

Enchanted (2007)

I can’t even tell you how much Enchanted makes me laugh. It is such a funny film starring the wonderful Amy Adams as well as an amazing, catchy soundtrack. There’s even a scene in it where the dancers in the park are actually the original dancers from the Chimney Sweep scene in the 1964 Mary Poppins which I think is SO cool, that fact gives me goosebumps. The mix of 2D art and real-life acting is also a nice, unique twist and the storyline, despite the human actors, is very magical.

The Imagineering Story (2019)

This is a Disney documentary that I have yet to see but by the sounds of the description, is right up my alley. The synopsis states, “The Imagineering Story is a 2019 documentary web television miniseries created, directed and executive produced by Leslie Iwerks. The series is focused on Walt Disney Imagineering and takes an in depth-look at the history and creation of the Disney theme parks and attractions around the world.” IS THAT NOT… SO EXCITING?

That sounds so extremely interesting to me and I cannot wait to watch and look at all the behind-the-scenes!

Coco (2017)

My boyfriend watched this before me and he highly recommended it to me and told me it wasn’t ‘that’ sad, but oh my god, I cried so hard. This is such a beautiful film, very colourful, it also gives you an insight into another culture and their traditions. Despite how much I like this film, I’ve only seen it once because after that I couldn’t bear to cry like that again. The soundtrack is fantastic and very close to my heart, and I learned Remember Me on the piano the week after I saw this film!

Are you currently already watching films on Disney+? If so, what have been your top picks?

Are you looking forward to seeing anything on my list too? Let me know in the comments below!


With all the love in the world,

66 responses to “My Disney Plus Watchlist”

  1. The imagineering story is brilliant, so interesting and I love how it starts right from the beginning and you see Walts dreams come to life. Glad to see Coco there too, one of my fav Disney films!


  2. I love Mary Poppins, it takes me right back to my childhood! The Princess and the Frog is also a great movie! The Incredibles 1 & 2 are hysterical vou should add them to your list, I love them!


  3. Disney+ is so great and I hope you get access to it soon! I love the old classic Disney movies and all the tv shows from my childhood. I could watch them all repeatedly everyday haha


  4. I had Disney+ for a month and literally just binge watched it! These are some great movies, id 100% add pocahontas and Mulan to the list too! They’re some of my faves x


  5. Oh great list! I hope you enjoy the movies! I am still planning on watching Big Hero 6, going to watch it soon, now that I don’t remember the big spoiler about the ending any more.


  6. I love your list! Ratatouille still is one of my favorite movies, and The Frog Princess is something I have been meaning to watch again. I have never heard of Before Ever After, but Disney offers such an expanse of movies now, it is not hard to find a new show. 🙂


  7. Aww this post makes me so nostalgic! The Princess and the Frog is one of my faves too – Tiana is so great! I am mostly into Disney+ right now because of Hamilton coming out soon 🙂


  8. This is such an amazing list! I watched Coco for the first time a little while ago and it really is one of the most beautiful stories EVER. The Imagineering Story was fantastic and I loveeee Big Hero 6! I need to watch that again soon 🙂 The Lady and the Tramp remake was fantastic too!


  9. I love Disney Plus. My daughters relive their childhood watching The Suite Life, Phinneas and Ferb and Hannah Montana. We’ve recently watched all three High School Musical movies…again.


  10. I am absolutely loving Disney Plus. It could not have landed at a better time really. You’ve got some lovely choices here.

    I really enjoyed the imagineering story, Made me appreciate Disney on a whole other level x


  11. What a great list. Thank you for sharing your watch list. I have Disney plus and actually haven’t watched anything yet. Although I like the animal programmes on there too.


  12. Great list! I have never seen Enchanted… I feel like it is something I need to watch. I have recently watched on Disney plus: Peter Pan Returned to Neverland, Narnia and Little Mermaid. x


  13. I need to take advantage of my Disney+ subscription! I’ve only used it to watch The Mandalorian :(. I really like Ratatouille. Coco is such a sweet film too. I need to watch the rest that you’ve shared too!!

    Nancy ✨


  14. Great list! I’ve had Disney+ for a few months and it is wonderful I hope you get to enjoy it soon! Imagine saying coco wasn’t that sad hahaha I cried like a baby!


  15. Loving this post! I’ve literally just got it and I’ve watched Frozen 2 again! My next ones to watch are Pocohontas, Mulan and The Princess and the Frog! I feel the same about Coco! Love this list x


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