Charming Backpacks with Gaston Luga

Happy July everyone!

This is a very exciting post I’m writing as it is my FIRST gifted post! *cue happy tears*. I’d never been gifted or sponsored anything before so this was a very exciting and thrilling moment for me to receive an email about a gifted post.

I was approached by the lovely backpack brand Gaston Luga and they gifted me a beautiful Pärlan Backpack! I was very excited to receive the email as I do love using backpacks, it’s pretty much all I use, as I love the look of them and I also like how they don’t put the strain on just one shoulder like a tote bag possibly would for some people.

If you’re like me and you’re an avid backpack wearer, you’ll love what Gaston Luga has to offer.

I would always go for a waterproof backpack as much as I can, and the material on my Pärlan back is a very lightweight water resistant nylon, which is perfect for me! Singapore weather can be very unpredictable so I like to be safe. I have also always owed pretty colourful backpacks, so I decided on this Sand and Brown one for a change and I love how aesthetically pleasing it looks.

Despite the bag being small, it can store loads! The belt buckle in the front has a magnetic catch so you don’t need to manually undo the buckle every time you want to open the bag which is great for convenience and anyone on the go (like me!). The straps are also easily adjustable.

Here’s what it looks like on human-sized me!

I love that there are compartment in the front and inside the bag as well, as it gives me a good space to place my smaller items like keys to my house, earphones or even some… mm.. feminine products. You know the ones! The bag can hold items up to A5 size and it measures 28cm x 23cm x 13cm.

If this particular bag is not to your liking, the Gaston Luga website has TONS to choose from! If I had to choose another design, it would be from their Clässy range as I looooove the combination of colours they’ve chosen.

One last little note from me –

Gaston Luga has very kindly also provided me with a coupon code for all of you to use to get 15% off ANY purchase on their website! They do backpacks as well as accessories like pouches, travel tags, tote bags and passport holders. There’s something for literally everyone!

Use the code MARS15 at checkout to get 15% off!

Just an FYI – I do not make any commission off this discount code! This is all just for you!

If you’re currently having a look at the Gaston Luga website, what bag has caught your eye? Let me know in the comments below as I’d love to see what people are eyeballing.

*featured image courtesy of Vilma Maunonen on Instagram*

See you in my next post!

30 responses to “Charming Backpacks with Gaston Luga”

  1. I have this exact backpack in black! I absolutely love it – it’s so roomy and there’s so many pockets! I love all of the extra storage and the quality is just so good! x


  2. Congratulations on your first gifted post! The backpack is beautiful! More recently I have been swaying towards a good backpack so I’ll check them out. Especially as there’s a discount on offer too! xx


  3. Congrats on your first sponsored post, yay! This bag is super cute too. I love using backpacks more than purses and will keep this one in mind!


  4. What a cute backpack! Not too small or too big, and something I know my sister would love. She is more of a backpack person then me and this has style to it.
    Congratulations on your first sponsored post as well!


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