Simple Self-Care Tips For Winding Down After Work

If you’re like me and you work pretty long shifts in a retail environment where you’re dealing with difficult, nasty customers all day, you need a way to relax at the end of the day.

And a quick one!

However, when you get home at 10.30pm after an exhausting day, you also kind of want to just go straight to sleep. When I get home at 10.30pm and have my extremely late dinner, a lot of me wants to plop on the bed and wait for tomorrow to come. But I do also love to have some ‘wind-down’ time. With the tiredness and wanting to ‘pamper’ myself all in one, I’ve found some ways to wind-down swiftly and treat myself to some self-care.

You can do all this in 1 night, or separate it across a few nights.

Lie In Bed And Watch Some YouTube

I’m pretty sure this is something a lot of people already do. I personally love watching YouTube at the end of the day – it passes time quite quickly and before I know it, I’m feeling sleepier than before and ready to hit the hay. I enjoy watching YouTube on my laptop instead of my phone as the screen is much bigger.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you’ll know I love watching tea spill videos. Another one I quite like is Forensic Files docuseries videos, Buzzfeed Unsolved, Weird History videos and random videos from the Real Stories channel. My boyfriend is a big fan of watching podcasts on YouTube before bed. There are tons of great podcasts on Spotify to discover!

Read A Book

There are many theories out there that tell you reading a book will put you right to sleep. I’ve found it works for me too! I bought a yellow-toned book light and it helps too, as reading with a white light might keep you awake for longer.

I do also want to invest in a Kindle at some point!

Play A Relaxing Game

Animal Crossing is my go-to game when it comes to relaxing. The night-time in game music is basically a lullaby to my ears. Animal Crossing is not stressful in the slightest unless you’re doing some terraforming (which I don’t do at night because it needs brain power and thinking!). Apart from Animal Crossing on the Switch, Stardew Valley is also another relaxing alternative! I’ve never played the Switch version but the Mac version is adorable.

Mobile games can also be relaxing. I personally love Abyssrium, Penguin Isle, Food Truck Pup and Adorable Home. These games do not require any thinking or planning and generally come with relaxing graphics and soundtracks.

Put Your Favourite Face Mask On

I’m a huuuuuge face mask lover. I’ve currently got about 7 different ones in possession. If I could wear a face mask every night before bed, I would, but I do also know that overusing face masks can also be bad for you.

As I live in a really hot and humid country, I love anything that’s slightly minty. I used Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty the most frequently as it is gentle and also very pepperminty. I put it in the fridge for an extra kick. Sometimes it really feels like I had ice on my skin when I put it on and I love it because of the hot weather here.

I am planning a face mask favourites post so keep a look out for that!

Avoid Caffeine And Sweets

I don’t think people realise how important this is. Past 5 or 6 in the evening, I avoid sweet drinks and even tea because I always have problems sleeping when I drink sweet things, even fruit teas. I realised, for some reason, that fruit teas really gave me bad insomnia – and I learned that the hard way!

I stick with cold water and nothing else, especially if I have work the next day. I also read somewhere a couple of years ago that apples contain a very small amount of caffeine, so the paranoid me has obviously been avoiding apples in the evening as well – even apple juice which is one of my favourite drinks of all time.

Instead of your usual sweet treats, opt for water or a warm camomile tea!

Put Lavender Essential Oil Into An Air Diffuser

I am the biggest fan of anything lavender scented, one of my favourite Lush Body Sprays is Twilight and sometimes I even spray a little bit into my air diffuser.

I typically use The Body Shop’s Lavender essential oil or the one my dad gave me that’s from Young Living, but anything lavender will do as lavender is proven to help you relax and feel sleepier. With this known fact in sight, I only use lavender scented things in the evening so I don’t nod off in the middle of the day or get overly relaxed at work.

Yes, I would run into a field of lavender and sleep in it if I could.

How do you wind down after work? What are some tips you could share with the rest of us who suffer in a very tiring customer-oriented workplace? Leave them down in the comments below!

68 responses to “Simple Self-Care Tips For Winding Down After Work”

  1. These are some great self-care tips! I was actually impressed on how this post got me right to the tee haha. I love going on to YouTube and watching crime or tea spill videos after a busy day, and I’m a huge lover of face masks too!


  2. Having a pamper session after a long day is my favorite way to let go of stress. Also, reading a book is another amazing way to relax.

    Watching yt videos in my bed is my way to put myself to sleep, honestly. Whenever I watch something as I’m laying in my bed makes me fall asleep so much faster! 😀

    Great tips, hun. Thank you for sharing.


  3. At the end of the day, I read blogs or books to relax me. I haven’t tried putting a mask at night. I might try that. Speaking of lush’ mask, I love the chocolatey one. Certainly no sweets or caffeine at night.


  4. Great tips. Although I work from home and for myself anyway, I still need to find ways to wind down and relax after I turn my laptop off. Although when it comes to games, I don’t do relaxing. I’d rather play The Last of Us or anything horror related! That actually proper winds me down xD xxx


  5. If you’re going to play a relaxing game to unwind after work, maybe avoid online games, as other users can suck that relaxation right out of you with their trolling and abusive behaviours


  6. Okay, let me be honest; I love animal crossing but I cannot play at night because of the damn scorpions!!! I love your little tips – i also love watching docuseries on YouTube and loads of conspiracy series – i just find it so fascinating!! And nothing can beat a good face mask at the end of a bust day xx


  7. These are really nice tips on how to unwind after a long day at work. Personally, I like to watch some Netflix or Amazon Prime shows after work (well these days, that’s what I do. It used to be going to the gym or the mall before Covid).


  8. Brilliant tips! I think these would work with any hectic day. I tend to go lie in my bed a hour or two before bed so I can be fully chilled out. I’ve yet to find a face mask I like but I’m sure it’ll be out there somewhere!

    Daisy xoxo | According To Daisy


    • I’m the same, I chill for about 2 hours before my snooze 😊 And I’ll be posting a face mask favs sometime soon, hope you can find something you like in there 😊


  9. I love your blog and I’m so glad I discovered it today. Love all the tips and I think I start with the reading part this evening by binge reading your blog. I’ve been on the look out for bloggers and I’m so glad I found you.


  10. Back in the DS days I’d play Sodoku before bed or Zenses! The music always had a habit of putting me to sleep. Animal Crossing’s night time music is one as well. I’ve fallen asleep one too many times playing ACNH when it first came out lol!


  11. You have some great suggestions here. I don’t own a Nintendo Switch, but I recently started to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my phone. It has quickly become a favourite way to kick back and relax when I need to just peace out and shut off my mind.


  12. An extremely relevant blog for me as I have just started a full time job! I like reading books after work, as it is so relaxing and a great way to unwind! I hope you are able to unwind every day after work as well! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Feel free to read some of my blogs 🙂


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