An August Recap And Favourites

Happy almost-end of August everyone!

I hope in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, everyone is trying their best to social distance, sanitize their hands and wear a mask wherever possible.

Here are also some important, self-explanatory links for August.

Black Lives Matter (US)

Black Lives Matter (UK, Ireland)

Justice for Elijah McCLain

Justice for Jacob Blake

Recap and Reflection –

I never thought I’d be one to get used to wearing a mask. Because of it being compulsory in Singapore, I have sort of been forced to get used to it, and I’m not finding it that horrible anymore! Never trust anyone who doesn’t have a legit medical problem who says that they ‘can’t breathe’ when they wear a mask. If I, as an asthmatic, unfit person, can wear a mask for over 11 hours a day in 36 degree weather, you can too.

It would be my 2nd full month on accutane and I’m happy to say I am seeing results. My skin is no longer as oily and my active breakouts are, well, not so active anymore! I also went for a blood test to check if my body was reacting well to the medication, and I passed – which is great news for a needlephobe like me.

Additionally, I learned from my dermatologist that I have ‘vasovagal syncope’ which is a condition where “you faint because your body overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress. It may also be called neurocardiogenic syncope.

Over the past 10 years and multiple blood tests I’ve taken, I’ve always fainted (even when I don’t see the needle or the blood) and I never knew why but I’m glad I know now!

August Favourites –

My 2013 Kindle

I dug out my old 2013 Kindle Paperwhite because I missed reading properly. I used to be such a massive bookworm at university and I ordered books from Book Depository soooo often, but when I started my current job 2 years ago, my reading habits flew out of the window.

As I don’t have a lot of space in my room, I decided to scavenge for my old 2013 Kindle that I bought in the UK, charged it and started to download book samples. The first book I got was The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and I’m loving it so much so far! I’m glad my Kindle still works, although it is extremely slow. I do think I should upgrade to the newest paperwhite soon but, money, you know. It literally takes about 15 seconds for a page to load which drives me nuts!

Kindle, if you’re reading this, PLEASE SPONSOR ME! (lol)

Neutrogena Rain Bath Shower Gel

Many many people have raved about this particular shower gel and I’ve seen it everywhere – so when I saw it on discount at a beauty store I frequented, I had to give it a try!

And I really do love it! It feels like a high-end luxury shower gel and smells like a spa which I looooove. I usually use this in the day time as I always use a lavender-scented shower gel at night to help me relax. The bottle is HUGE and I’ll definitely be reusing it instead of buying a new bottle as it is made of plastic.

Prickly Heat Powder

If you’re Asian, you know this product all too well!

I personally love the red classic the best.

What this product is is a ‘cooling’ powder’ which is soooo great for hot weather and boy oh boy it has been warm in Singapore the past couple of weeks. One bottle cost me about $1.45 which is SO cheap for the amount that you get and I’ve been using it everyday on my underarms, arms and legs before heading out and it keeps me feeling cool for a good amount of time!

It also smells very menthol-like which I really love as it gives me a sense of freshness. I love anything minty – yes, even mint choc chip ice cream which I know many people hate.

Eleanor Neale Videos

I love true crime videos and one of the my favourite books when I was a young adult was The World’s Greatest Serial Killers by Nigel Cawthorne. Eleanor Neale is a familiar face to many people who watch YouTube regularly and I found myself binge-watching a lot of her content recently.

She covers a lot of cases, new and old, and explains everything in great detail. Her latest video was about Jerry Brudos, who was also mentioned in The World’s Greatest Serial Killers. I would highly recommend her channel! I’m also open to hearing about new crime commentary channels that you enjoy so do leave them in the comments below.

My Flowery Purple Phone Case

It aint’ a new month without a new phone case!

I got this beautiful matte flowery phone case for less than $2 on AliExpress and I love it! I really really like that it covers the camera of my iPhone as it does have a tendency to feel fragile. I am still on the side of preferring silicone cases but this case is really nice as well, although more slippery than I’d like!

You can find loads of cheap and cute cases on AliExpress or Shopee (Asia), which is where I get most of mine!

Did you have a good August? Let us know what you enjoyed in the comments below so we can all discover something new. 

Fingers crossed for an even better month in September!

66 responses to “An August Recap And Favourites”

  1. Oooh I have a few Eleanor Neale videos in my watch list! I love those type of videos and I watch Loey Lane and Hailey Reese a lot but I’m always looking for new people in that niche to watch so thank you! xxx


  2. That’s awesome your Kindle still works, but I can understand it being frustrating when it takes forever to turn the pages.
    I love true crime, but I haven’t seen any of Eleanor’s videos, so I’ll give them a go!
    Also, your new phone case is so cute!

    This month I started working on my thesis again & I’m making decent progress. I’m glad that the seminar in Decemeber is online b/c I really don’t want to be travelling to Sweden.


  3. Awesome post! I’m in the same boat as you where in college I read so many books! But when I became “an adult” I stopped reading, but once my last class for my masters program is done I plan to do some more reading again! And I love true crime as well so that’s also a good option as well!


    • I know right! The Facebook comments section on articles about masks and the pandemic in general really frustrate me so much, don’t know why people can’t just be considerate for once!


  4. I love that phone case! You’ve also made me wonder if my old kindle still works and where I put it 😅 also it makes me so mad when people say they can’t breathe wearing a mask, but are totally fit and healthy! Like… come on 🙄


    • I literally had to DIG my Kindle out from the depths of my room as I hadn’t touched it in a few years. Thankfully it still works! And that mask thing annoys me so much, people just wanna make excuses and exaggerate 😔


  5. My august favourites have got to be
    ▪︎my copy of Dracula
    ▪︎my minnie mouse face mask
    ▪︎ lush bath bombs
    ▪︎binge watching This country on BBC iplayer

    Great post. I love these wrap ups!! Xxx


  6. I so could have done with the Prickly Heat during the UK heatwave! My everything hates being too hot and my skin reacts like crazy! I also love Eleanor Neale! Her videos have so incredible detail and she has a great voice too!

    Daisy xoxo | AccordingToDaisy


    • I see that it’s available on UK Amazon for a good price (considering it’s an imported product), you could buy it off there! It’s also good for soothing skin 😊


    • Oof, my boyfriend was the same the first time he visited Singapore, he almost passed out at Universal Studios while we were in the sun! And I’m LOVING The Midnight Library so much, I’m sure the last 20% of the book won’t disappoint! 😊


  7. I’ve had some blood tests recently and they made me really nervous as I haven’t had one in so long. I’ve started work too where I need to wear a mask all day and it isn’t as bad as I thought, you kind of forget its there. Great read, thanks for sharing! Hope September brings you happiness!


    • Masks really aren’t as bad as people claim it to be! Of course they can get a little uncomfortable as we’re not used to it, but it’s not that awful. Same to you Chris, happy September!


  8. Cheers! I also love the Neutrogena rainbath gel! I had an awesome August having reach my target of
    more than a thousand blog views and a golden bloggerz award! The only thing I didn’t manage to accomplish is finishing the book by Amos Oz since I was glued with K- drama, its ok not to be ok. By the way its an epic series. Check it out!


  9. When I first tried to wear masks, I would have panic attacks and start hyperventilating. I realized that the masks I was wearing were WAY too thick, and when I invested in some that actually don’t make me feel like I’m suffocating, I discovered that I don’t mind them at all! Now I actually kind of like wearing them, crazy enough. You’ve also made me want to try that shower gel. I haven’t heard much about it, but I already love Neutrogena, so I’m sure I’ll like it!


    • It’s so great that you’ve found a mask you like! I currently use washable cotton ones, and I love them, as the normal disposable surgical masks make me break out. You NEEEED to try that shower gel!


  10. I struggled with masks at first, just because I’m not used to feeling restricted in that way and it would make me panic. But now, I’m absolutely fine with them. I’m asthmatic too, and if I can wear them and still breathe normally, everyone else can too! Glad to hear you’re reacting well to accutane too, that’s great news!

    Anika |


    • I was like that too but my problem was work – it took too much time out of my day and I stopped because I was too tired after work to do anything. But I’m trying to put aside 15-20 minutes to read before bed everyday now x


  11. I never put a case on my iPhone cause OCD. But these are so cute!! I hate how the phone is made of all glass and it slips off of things. Definitely irritates me. I have yet to find a phone case my OCD won’t flip out over lol!

    I upgraded my Kindle and my daughter jacked it from me for her kid shows. Now I’m back to reading Kindle books on my phone. Sigh lol. I have a paperwhite somewhere around here I think! But the lag between pages really was not fun compared to how fast the Kindle Fire pages load!


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