The Himalayan Salt Lamp – An Honest Review

Tell me if you have ever seen a more aesthetically pleasing lamp than a Himalayan Salt Lamp?!

I’ve seen loads of these in the background of people’s rooms, in massage places, and even in salons. And I’ve always wondered – what in the world are these? They look amazing!

I looked into it and realised it wasn’t just sitting there and being pretty. It actually has a whole bunch of benefits for anyone across the globe.

What Does It Do? 

The benefits of the Himalayan Salt Lamp include – 

  • Better sleep
  • A stronger immune system
  • Cleansing of the air in the room
  • Reducing allergies like itching eyes or nose
  • Improving mood and concentration

… and much more!

The Appearance

I bought a 3-4kg Himalayan Salt Lamp from local seller SGSmartBuys and I was so incredibly excited when mine arrived. It looked beautiful, was heavier than I thought and was legitimately made of salt (something I was afraid of it not being). The shape was nice and the colour was a reddish orange. 

It is sat on a small wooden base which almost looked too small to hold the stone up as it was soooo heavy, but it does a good job and my lamp has never toppled over. 

The bulb inside it comes with a dimmable switch which I love and appreciate as I prefer it to be on the low-light setting, especially when I’m about to sleep. 

The Price 

I got mine for $25.50 (SGD) which is about £14.90, and I think it is a really great price! Mine was considered a medium sized one, so the price was also in between the small and large version. It does not have a ‘shelf-life’ even though it is entirely made of salt, which is brilliant. 

I plugged it in and it instantly made my room 10 times cozier than it was before! 

I’ve used it every day for many hours at a time for about 4 weeks now. Here are my brutally honest thoughts – 

Disclaimer – prior to buying the lamp, I have suffered with lots of allergies for years, mostly to dust and fur, which is a shame as I have 2 dogs at home and I love fluffy, cosy things. My eyes and throat itch a lot, almost on a daily basis and my nose runs pretty much every other day because of me constantly wanting to pet my dogs. When I read about what the lamp could do for me, I was so excited to see it work its wondrous salty magic. Did it? 

My Experience 

4 weeks later, I did notice that my itchy eyes calmed down, but my throat remained the same. I’d be woken up in the middle of the night with an extremely itchy throat and having to down some water. Do I think it helped my allergies? Honestly, no. I had to take an anti-histamine a couple of times in the 4 weeks which is normal for me, but I had hoped I wouldn’t have to take any. 

I don’t blame the lamp at all – I’ve had allergies for years!

However, the one thing I noticed is that I did sleep better! I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. I am a light sleeper, any noise or light would wake me and once I get interrupted sleep, the rest of my day is ruined. I found myself feeling drowsy about 30 minutes after my head hitting the pillow which is a rarity for someone with insomnia like me. I used to toss and turn for about 3 hours every night!

I slept for 16 whole hours the first night I got it! How crazy is that? 

Final Thoughts

Overall, I do really adore the lamp that I bought. Even if it didn’t help me sleep, didn’t cleanse the air or didn’t help my allergies, it is a really good addition to any bedroom environment as it cozies up the place so well, without being unsightly or glaring. 

I would recommend anyone to buy it as I do think it is a lovely item in general, and it also makes a good gift. They come in many shapes and sizes, some even come in small salt cubes to place in a holder instead of an entire salt stone which is really cute too. Some have an essential oil holder in them if you want the room to smell nice as well. 

I really do love my lamp and the specific size I got, and I would highly recommend it!

Bear in mind the lamp can get as heavy as 10kg if you get a big one, so keeping small children and animals out of its way would be a good idea – it could definitely crush a living thing!

WARNING – Do NOT let your pets near this item as there have been cases of animals suffering from salt poisoning and eventually dying due to licking the salt over extended periods of time. The salt is very very concentrated. Keep the lamp away from places your pets can reach for their safety. Take care of them! 

Do you own a Himalayan Salt Lamp too, or something similar? What has your experience been like with it?

Has my review made you want to look into it more, or do you think it is a gimmick? Let me know in the comments down below, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

78 responses to “The Himalayan Salt Lamp – An Honest Review”

  1. I’ve heard really good things about these lamps! My friend has one and she loves it. I think I might have to treat myself to one! They do make make the room look super cosy ❤️


  2. I’ve always wanted one because of those benefits you listed. I’ve just been putting it off. But reading about other people’s experiences makes me really want to buy one.


  3. I LOVE salt lamps and had several of them, but my climate makes the salt ooze and drip so I cannot have them in my house right now. Maybe one day if I move to a different area in the states I can set one of these babies up in my bedroom!
    Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂


  4. That’s quite interesting! I’ve always wondered if salt lamps like these do what they claim to do. Nonetheless, they’re quite pretty to look at, whether they work or not 🙂


  5. There has been some craze going on with crystals and himalayan salt stones too. This would be an ideal gift and hopefully beneficial to the receiver. Appreciate you mention to keep it away from pets.


  6. Funny, I’ve always wanted one but really doubted it really did anything as advertised. Better sleep is great. The other benefits would be impossible to prove but even great to have a just a little. Regardless, they look great. It’s time to get one. Thanks for sharing,


  7. It is the first time that I read about this lamp benefits! I have two cats so I don’t think I would buy this since they would definitely try to lick it, or play with it !
    I just discovered your blog and I really like it


  8. Okay don’t kill me but I did purchase one of these and used it for about two months. I have to say that I found it esthetically pleasing, which is a plus, but didn’t notice any difference in my sleep patterns. GLad you are, though!


  9. My parents have a large himalayan salt lamp, but I didn’t know that it had so many benefits!
    That’s great to hear you have less itchy eyes & you’re able to sleep better with the lamp!!! Also I agree it is an aesthetically pleasing lamp!


  10. This is such an interesting review! I see these lamps everywhere but never knew what the benefits were or why they were so popular. But I really like the sound of it, even if it doesn’t heal everything (my allergies are terrible too), it definitely sounds worth the buy!

    Anika |


  11. I saw your tweet about this when you got it and, after this review, I definitely planning to grab one! Anything that might help my sleep is great to me! Even an hour more will be great! Haha!

    Daisy xoxo | AccordingToDaisy


  12. I love my Himalayan Salt Lamp! I didn’t really buy it for any reason other than it looks so pretty. So when I have my office up, it’ll be going in there 🙂 I didn’t know that about pets though! That’s such a scary and sad thought.


    • I read in an article last year that someone’s cat died of sodium overdose because it enjoyed licking the lamp 😔 It’s a really sad thing to see happen, so I thought it was important to add it in for anyone who had pets!


  13. I’ve seen Salt Lamps before but simply thought they were pretty lamps! I’m definitely going to have to consider investing in one after reading this review (tbh you had me at the idea it could possibly improve my immune system), I just need to figure out where i could put it where the dogs won’t be able to reach. Definitely want to get one of these soon though!


  14. I’ll be 100% honest with you: I thought salt lamps were just an aesthetic thing! I had no clue there were supposed health benefits. How intriguing. It’s good to know your honest thoughts after utilizing the lamp for an extended period of time. It makes me wonder how it might affect my own health!


    • You could give it a try and buy a smaller one to see if it works – and then if it does, invest in a larger one! Mine’s medium which is the perfect size for me and my table as I don’t have a big bedroom.


  15. I’ve always wondered if these were practical or not. I love their aesthetic and see them everywhere, so it’s great to get your honest review about them!!


  16. Hi,
    I am a huge fan of Himalayan Salt Lamps. I have them in my bedroom but also I have them in my office. They are not cheap but they are worth it.
    Thank you for your post.


  17. So interesting to read your honest thoughts! I’ve been curious if these actually work for people as I’ve always looked at them to be a bit of a gimmick. I do like the look of the lamps, though, and agree they are worth it for even that alone 🙂


  18. I had no idea they were poisonous to pets! Our little dog passed away recently but luckily it was at a height where he wouldn’t have been able to access the lamp. We have one in our lounge room, I’ve always preferred natural aesthetics around the house and mine is virtually identical to your one, apart from the ability to dim the light. Honestly though, I don’t believe they have the ability to filter the air or help with allergies, my allergies are rampant as well. But they look beautiful and the hue is really soothing, so much nicer than the typical lamp. You couldn’t read by it but just enough light to see what you’re doing.


    • You’re right about them being soothing – I like that about them! I guess the higher the concentration the salt, the better it will be with filtering the room, but as to how much it works is a different thing. Mine is quite small, so the effects might be very little.


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