Monthly Recap — September 2020

How crazy is it that we’re in the last quarter of 2020 already? 

I have decided to change the format of how I do monthly recaps as sometimes I honestly find it hard to pick a few ‘favourites’, there are some months I enjoy lots of things and other months where I enjoy 1 new thing. My recaps will now be more fluid and casual, I hope you’ll enjoy the new structure as much as I like writing it. 

I don’t mean to sound extremely boring but September was a very normal month for me. I read a bit more, I encountered more back, neck and shoulder pain than ever before (I think I’ve got the body of a 70 year old) and I miss my boyfriend so much! It has been 10 months since we’ve seen each other, thanks pandemic!

I made some great changes with my blog too, including a whole new theme, an updated About Me page and creating my very own icon! I’m very happy with what my blog looks like now and I’d love to hear what you think about it – whether you’re on desktop or mobile. It was a rather expensive theme but I was thinking about it way too much to ignore it, so I hit the bullet and spent the money.

I enjoyed a few new things this month as well! 

I got gifted a free Batik Face Mask from my favourite local eco-friendly store, BambooStrawGirl! 

I got the mask alongside a purchase of a deodorant stone and some bamboo toothbrushes. The Batik material is extremely comfortable and the straps are easy to adjust. Because of how pretty the prints are, I only wear these on my days off work! I leave the boring regular cloth ones for my days at my job. 

I try to use reusable masks as often as I can because I do feel the landfill from disposable ones are awful! 

I love these red love heart lollipop earrings so much, I got them for only $1 on Shopee and they are ADORABLE. The only problem I have with them is that they’re a tad bit heavy and the stick that comes out of the heart is long and tends to get tangled up with my mask when I wear them out. 

I have a huge collection of really cute yet cheap earrings, I’d love to know if you’d like a haul one day! 

I am also a daily user of Spotify and recently I’ve dabbled in making a few new playlists for myself. Click on the links to listen and follow if you’d like! 

Magical Cottagecore – a collection of soft, fairy-like tunes. Perfect for a cosy day of staying in, or for background music when you’re having a picnic in the garden. Definitely my most played playlist this month! Not a noisy playlist at all – no loud crashing drums or crazy electric guitars. I like most of my music to have soft, snug vibes.

Seasonal Depression – a collection of mostly indie tunes that aren’t too happy and aren’t too sad. Starring a lot of my personal favourites like The 1975, girl in red and Bleachers. 

Sipping Starlight – I’ve had this playlist for awhile but it’s one of my favourites. A lot of atmospheric voices like Billie Eillish, Lana Del Rey and Bon Iver (my personal FAVOURITE indie singer for the last, what, 10 years?I Can’t Make You Love Me? I’m dead). Nothing too noisy in this playlist either, which makes it great for background music as you go about your day. 

Snug Lo-Fi – This playlist is for everyone! You know how much I love my lo-fi beats. This playlist has Studio Ghibli (if you’re into that) and Animal Crossing ‘star gazing’ vibes. I love this one so much and it’s the one I worked the hardest on. I’ve received quite a lot of good feedback on this playlist – very very proud of the collection I’ve gathered. 

Finally, probably the biggest thing about September is that I got into soap making

I would like to emphasise the above is NOT my photo, haha! Credit to Allie on Unsplash.

I made my first batch of M&P Soap last weekend and gave them away on my Instagram stories to local friends and I’m so happy to say that I made 14 cute mini bee and honeycomb soaps, some were scented with lavender and some with English pear fragrance oils and I let go of all 14 by the end of the day itself! I was so so so elated, I couldn’t even explain that feeling to you. 

My little bees weren’t perfect but that’s the beauty of handmade stuff!

I am very excited about my little ‘small business’ venture and I hope you all would join me on my journey by following an Instagram account I made for my crafts with a Tangled-inspired store name –

Snuggly Duckling Crafts

Not entirely active on there yet as I still have lots to learn and do, but my IG stories will be active! At the moment, I only ship locally in Singapore as I can’t afford international shipping, nor do I know about the logistics of mass shipping abroad – a lot of knowledge to acquire over here! I’m still in the trial-and-error stages of everything.

Overall, September was a pretty cool, chilled-out month with new things I learned and new music I discovered. 

How was your September? Did you have any big life changes, or any small achievements? Let me know and we can celebrate or chat about it in the comments below!

65 responses to “Monthly Recap — September 2020”

  1. Oo, those lollipop earrings are so cute, but I have the same trouble with heavy earrings that you do. However, my sister loves earrings, the bigger the better, so I want to find her something similar now!

    Love that you are making soaps! It is so joyful to make something that is useful and pretty.


  2. Yess 2020 really just swept right through!! September itself I am convinced lasted 4 days. I can definitely relate to back, neck, shoulder discomfort, my foam roller has been saving me! And I’m currently on desktop and I love your new theme! It’s super easy to click through and not get lost on the page and I really love how the underline is when you link something like your About Me page!

    The heart earrings are so cute!! It just reminds me of like at the dentist/at the doctor getting one for doing a ~good job~!

    Spotify Playlists!! I love finding new things to listen to as listening to the same playlists every day can get a bit boring, I love changing things up and finding new favorite songs! Definitely going to have to listen to your playlists when I start work for tomorrow to listen to something new for a change!

    Soaps!! That’s amazing!! I’ve never tried DIY’ing soaps but that sounds like so much fun!!! YAY SMALL BUSINESS!!

    My September went way too fast, it’s like I blinked and it was gone, but I read more books than this time last year and finally got back into the blogging world after taking time off! 🙂



    • I’m soooo happy you like the theme too because I love it, thank you for the positive feedback as well. And they totally look like those adorable lollys you’d get at the doctor’s/dentist’s. I’m very happy with my little business and I hope it grows more as 2020 comes to an end 🙂


  3. Oh boy I had such bad back and neck pain this month too! What’s going on there? I love cottagecore so I’ll definitely be checking out that playlist. Also how fun that you’ve got a new crafty hobby – I always love discovering something fun and new


  4. I can’t believe we’re into the last quarter of the year! Time has flown! Sounds like September was a fun month for you. Those lollypop earrings are so cute and soap making sounds like such a fun new hobby. Happy October to you!


  5. I agree September wasn’t a particularly exciting month for me. It was my birthday and I did a few nice things but other than that, it was pretty standard. I’m much more optimistic for October, tbh! I’m so proud of you for your shop. I can’t wait until you can ship to the UK! Also I’m IN LOVE with your new theme ❤ xxx


  6. I am so glad that September is over. It was a super weird month for me! Your September looks way better. 🙂 🙂

    And soap making sounds like such a cool hobby/side hustle. 🙌


  7. September had its highs and low for me. Though overall I would say it was a good month. Enjoyed reading how your month went. Congrats on the soap making business!


  8. Your new theme is super cute! I used to do monthly favourites and ran into the same issue – I love that you’re doing a more fluid format, forced posts never read as well in my opinion xx


  9. I can’t believe that 2020 has been flying through at the rate that it has – especially with everything going on and so much shut down… I am an instructor with a local community marching band and I usually mark my year out based on events that occur. Not having those is really making it hard to keep track of where we’re at lol!
    I’m also a Spotify lover – using it ALL the time for everything from workout music to casual tunes while kicking back in the back yard. It’s set up across all our devices, which makes it so easy to use regardless of where we are (phone, computer, Google Nest speaker, Firestick).


  10. How exciting to start a new business venture! I hope it goes well for you! Good luck with it!

    I actually only recently downloaded Spotify and am learning my way around it. I’ll have to check out your playlists. 🙂


  11. This is so sweet and pure! In the time of chaos, I love that you’re able to reflect and find the good things you’ve gotten and done in the past month. Especially going into the holiday season and those who experience SAD, this is something I want to practice by just being appreciative of the little things I’ve purchased and enjoyed over the past month. Keep it up!


  12. I enjoy reading recap posts like these. 🙂 Those red love heart lollipop earrings are too cute. Yes to a haul please!! Will definitely check out your Spotify playlists as I love discovering new music – I used to be a music blogger but right now I’m super into Kpop as I just discovered it 😂 And that’s really cool you started making soaps 😀 I followed your Instagram account too. Best of luck to your new business, Marissa! 🙂


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