My Morning Accutane Skincare Routine

If you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter for the past 3 months, you’ll know that I have started my course of Accutane! I’m very very happy about this because I have suffered with cystic acne since the age of 14 and it only got worse in my 20’s. Adult acne is NO JOKE!

It took a toll on my self esteem. Last year I asked my dermatologist if I could go on Accutane and she didn’t want me to at that moment as she said my acne wasn’t ‘severe enough’ – Accutane is a very strong drug and I understand why she said that. Fast forward a year later and I asked her again, and she finally agreed to it.

I’m on a very light dose of 20mg three times a week. That is lighter than most other doses but it is definitely working! My oily skin is now considered ‘normal’ and I have ZERO active pimples on my face – which I haven’t had in over 10 years.

Today, I’m going to share with you my morning skincare routine as someone who’s on Accutane. This doesn’t just apply to people who are currently using Accutane, but for people who have blemished, problematic skin in general. Or if you’re just looking for some new skincare suggestions, this is the post for you!

Step One – The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

I shower first thing in the morning and my last step of my shower is washing my face.

I’ve used this facial wash for YEARS and I love it, it has never caused me any issues and is very gentle. Tea tree is one of my favourite ingredients in skincare as it targets blemishes and is a natural disinfectant. I’m almost out of my current bottle which means I’ll need to stock up soon – unless I decide to try something new (which I do very often).

An alternative to this face wash would be The Body Shop’s Tea Tree 3 In 1 face wash/mask. I do like that but I don’t really want a scrub first thing in the morning, which is what the face wash contains. You can also use it as a wash off mask.

Step Two – Dear Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

In a normal non-Accutane life, I would not be using this toner as it is marketed as ‘moisturising’. But since using Accutane, my skin has dried out and turned from ‘super mega oily’ to ‘normal’. I decided to try this toner out about 2 months ago after seeing a lot of it on Tik Tok and YouTube. And YES, I got the fragranced one, and it hasn’t caused my sensitive skin any issues which I’m very happy about because it smells lovely.

There is a non-fragranced version of this toner.

I use this toner straight out of the shower and directly on my skin. No reusable cotton pad or any other form of transferring it from bottle to skin other than patting it right in with my hands. It works well and doesn’t leave a sticky film on my skin.

Step Three – Innisfree’s No Sebum Lotion

This moisturiser is my holy grail when it comes to controlling oil. Ironically, I don’t need that so much nowadays. It controls the oil production really well without drying out your skin. I love this moisturiser! It is super super lightweight, you can’t feel it at all on your skin and it leaves zero stickiness which is great for the weather I live in.

It also has a hint of mint which I love as I live in a very humid country. This is also definitely a day moisturiser, it would not be enough for any night-time moisture unless you mix it with something else.

Because this is an oil-controlling lotion, I mix it with the following product in the next step (something that I’d never done before Accutane).

Step Four – Dear Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop

This product is a facial oil with pure vitamin C, meant to help reducing scarring and dark marks left from acne – which I have a lot of! I steered clear away from oils before Accutane, but I bought this because of all the hype on social media.

I mix this with my Innisfree No Sebum Lotion so that it has extra moisture and it works really well as a combined product, even though they come from two different brands. It doesn’t leave my skin too sticky for my makeup application later.

I also use this product at night when I feel my skin needs more moisture as I sleep in an air conditioned room.

Step Five – Krave Beauty’s The Beet Shield

Oooof, this is probably the most expensive SPF product I’ve ever bought but boooyyyy do I love it! Krave Beauty is such a fantastic brand with such great ingredients, I stan them and Liah Yoo (the creator) herself.

The Beet Shield leaves ZERO white cast and is very lightweight while also being hydrating. This little bottle is also free of fragrances, essential oils, colorants, and allergic sensitizers. The only thing I would change about it is that I would make the bottle bigger. For the price point, I would like it to be at least 80ml, not 50ml. But since it is so small, it would be great for travel and I would admit it is a good investment overall as I have no complaints about the formula itself.

SPF is the last step of my skincare before I start applying makeup and I have found that this is a routine that works very well for me and I’m soooo glad it does, because I have struggled for years to figure out one that suited me perfectly. Without a doubt, being on Accutane has helped me a lot because the main thing I found hard was oil control and blackheads.

With Accutane, the oil control has been fantastic and my blackheads no longer exist.

I will be following this post up with an evening skincare routine on Accutane which have more steps than my morning one (typical) so look out for that coming soon!

Let me know what skincare routine works for you at the moment, whether or not you’re also on Accutane. 

What is your holy grail product and why do you love it? Let me know in the comments below!

42 responses to “My Morning Accutane Skincare Routine”

  1. I’m really fortunate that I haven’t suffered from acne, I go through bouts of bad hormonal breakout but thats it. I love using the Caudalie Vinopure range to help with decongesting my skin and helping with breakout scaring x


  2. Not on Accutane myself but all the best! Glad it’s working for you 😊 I always do a double cleanse at night, starting with an oil cleanser which helps break down my make up and then follow that with a rosehip creme cleanser, I find this cleans my face a lot better than just one cleanse. Must check out the body shop products more! Thanks for sharing 😊 xx


  3. Enjoyed reading your skincare routine! I know what you mean about acne – it really can dampen one’s self esteem! I too suffer from adult acne and I considered The Body Shop’s Tea Tree face wash too. But I found a face wash that has witch hazel ingredient which also works for me and more affordable so I went with it instead. I’m most likely gonna go back to it again soon (maybe alternate it with my current face wash which I also love but doesn’t do a thing for acne).



    • Oooh I’ve strangely enough never tried anything with witch hazel before even though I’ve heard about how good it is for acne. Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to google up some witch hazel products that are available to me 😊


  4. I love reading skincare routines and yours sounds fab! I’ve heard such good things about the body shop cleanser!


  5. I’ve only tried The Body Shop cleanser from this list but the other products sound great! That’s so good that this routine is working for you, these products sound great x


  6. I love innisfree and Klaris is one that I’ve noticed within the last couple of years so it’s cool to see it here! Definitely want to try some of these products.


  7. I enjoyed reading your morning skincare routine! I use Cetaphil to cleanse my face but once my stock finishes, I want to try the Tea Tree one from The Body Shop. And oohh I hadn’t even heard of Innisfree’s No Sebum Lotion but now I want it! I’ve tried their No Sebum powder recently and loving it so far! 🙂


  8. I’m hoping that Accutane works for you! I went on acne medication when I was younger and it helped, although it turned my skin from super oily to really dry – but hopefully yours will remain normal! x

    Emily |


  9. You are not kidding about adult acne being rough. I thought teenage acne was bad, but boy was I wrong. I have good things about toner so might have to add that to my skincare routine.


  10. Wow, that’s great that your skin is feeling better! I had adult acne and it just got better maybe a couple of years ago when I was around 28. Still have some here and there, but a lot more manageable. It’s definitely a self-esteem sucker. But glad you found something that works for you!


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