Monthly Recap — October 2020

Happy month of the spooks! 🎃

We don’t celebrate Halloween that much here in Singapore except for a Halloween Horror Nights event that’s usually held in Universal Studios, but because of the pandemic this year, that’s obviously cancelled (or turned into an online event, I’m not too clear about what’s happening), so October is generally a ‘normal’ month for me.

I live vicariously through social media posts from all my friends in the UK because Halloween is a big thing over there, and the season starts to change to my ultimate favourite one.. autumn! It’s summer in October here and it bums me out a lot.

I’m really enjoying reading autumn-related blog posts and imagining that I’m still in the UK which is so sad but honest. I’ve been doing that for about 4 years now since I left, everyday.

Enough of the soppy talk. Now, let’s get on to what I’ve loved this month! ❤️️

I got this amazing windbreaker online for just $22 in the size S and I’m sooooo happy with it – this is my dream jacket come true! I’ve wanted an 80’s/90’s Fresh-Prince-Of-Bel-Air styled windbreaker for months and I could not find it and the ones I could find were real vintage and cost about $100. The moment I saw this, I snapped it up right away and I don’t regret it. Since Singapore is so humid, a windbreaker makes perfect sense as it doesn’t trap heat and isn’t thick.

If I could wear this every day of my life, I would. It’s so pretty!

I’m trying to add more colour into my wardrobe at the moment. I used to have a lot of dark dull outfits but I’m putting in rainbows and brighter colours which I’m really enjoying, and I also feel it’s very ‘me’.

Since being on Accutane 3 months ago, I found that my skin lacked a lot of moisture especially in the evenings. I’m sure by now a lot of people have heard of the Japanese skincare brand, Hada Labo.

I’ve seen this product mentioned a lot on Asian skincare YouTube channels and how moisturising this product was. It’s called the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Premium Hydrating Lotion (what a mouthful!) and it was on sale in a local Watson’s and I decided to give it a try. It is basically like a moisturiser and I use it right after my toner, followed by the rest of my skincare – which means I technically don’t use it as a moisturiser as moisturiser is meant to be the final step in any skincare routine.

It has a gel like consistency and I loooove it because it is SO hydrating and it has one of my favourite ingredients ever in it which is Hyaluronic Acid – amazing for people with acne or blemished skin. It hasn’t broken me out once, not does it leave my skin irritated or red.

With a new small business comes a lot of excitement, and that’s what I’m feeling with my new soap business at Snuggly Duckling Crafts! It is a lot of fun and I’m really enjoying what I’m doing despite not getting a lot of sales which is expected for such a tiny startup like myself.

I’ve released some really adorable Christmas soaps that I’m very happy about and currently taking pre-orders locally. I’ve got gingerbread men, snowflakes, Christmas trees and santa faces, they’re all so cute and I’m very happy with how all of them turned out. I’ve already got a couple of pre-orders which makes me so happy and I hope my clientele can increase over Christmas if people give them out as gifts. Fingers crossed!

I’m also learning more and more about soap making everyday and how it’s not actually as easy as it looks on YouTube tutorials! A lot of people make fun of melt and pour soap as a ‘child’s activity’ but man, you wouldn’t believe the amount of times I’ve had a failed batch and had to discard it because it was unusable! Either way, it is my little passion project and even if I lose a bit of money in it, I’m having a lot of fun and satisfaction from making stuff that I like.

Sadly, I haven’t sorted international shipping yet, which makes me sad because I’ve had a lot of UK friends enquire about my soaps. Recently, Singpost, which is Singapore’s main postal company, has revised their shipping rates and I don’t think they work in my favour anymore. A package with tracking weighing from 501g to 1kg would cost me $35.10 (an equivalent of £19.80) just to ship and I cannot justify that to any customer! Imagine paying more for shipping than the products you’re buying, I couldn’t have that. I have no idea how people ship from Singapore to the UK, and no idea how customers would be happy to pay £19.80!

I really hope I can work out international shipping soon as I really want my sales to go abroad. A friend has volunteered to buy some Christmas soaps so that we can ‘gage’ the shipping with the weight of the stuff I’m going to send, so hopefully that’ll give me a better eye for what to charge international customers in the future.

I have also recently created a Facebook page for my small business, please do give me a like!

Netflix has released Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 and I am enjoying it so much!

I really loved the first volume, it was full of great stories and volume 2 is fantastic as well! A Death In Oslo and Lady In The Lake are probably my favourite episodes and I highly recommend it.

If anyone would like to leave recommendations on shows to watch on Netflix that are similar to Unsolved Mysteries or if they have a serial killer storyline, please leave them in the comments as I’m always looking for that kind of thing to watch. I’m a huge lover of true crime, especially if it is based on real-life events. It just makes it that much more immersive.

Wooow, the month of October really flew by. I hope everyone has had a good month and I look forward to November and honestly, to the end of 2020 – it’s been a hell of a year, but we are pulling through.

Let me know what you guys have enjoyed this month in the comments down below! 

If you haven’t enjoyed anything new, tell me about what you’re doing for Halloween. Better yet, send me pictures of your socially distanced Halloween OR costumes! I’d love to see them! 

Stay safe, stay healthy and take care.

51 responses to “Monthly Recap — October 2020”

    • Many of their products are currently highly raved about, this was the first I’ve tried and I’m already obsessed! And thank you, I’d be sooo happy to have international customers!


  1. Congratulations on your new business! It’s too bad to hear that the shipping costs are working against you with so many connections internationally. I understand that feeling… I sent something to a friend in the UK a little while back and it cost me FAR more than I could have imagined walking into the post office that day!


    • It’s ridiculous isn’t it! I send ‘care packages’ to my boyfriend every once in awhile and they murder my wallet! I hope to sort out something for my potential international customers soon!


  2. I really enjoyed being super productive in advance for the holidays! Now I will be able to relax all Christmas season 😎 awesome blog bringing awareness to Asian skincare resources!


  3. I also live Halloween vicariously thru UK peeps. I am loving their photos and videos shared online. As for the Halloween Horror Night, I actually have wanted to experience that in Singapore – you know before the pandemic happened. Hopefully it comes back after all this and I find someone willing to experience it with me. I am wishing you lots of luck for your business. It sounds like a very nice gift to give to friends specially this Christmas! Maybe you could get your friend from the UK to be a reseller? Just a suggestion on top of my head.


    • I haven’t experienced Halloween Horror Nights myself and it’s kinda embarrassing as almost everyone I know in Singapore has gone at least once. I did also think of asking my friend to be a reseller for me – it’s in the talks! 😊


  4. I am loving that windbreaker, it’s such beautiful colours. And your soaps! They are stunning, I particularly like the snow flake design and the colour. Congratulations on your new business, I wish you all the luck with it and success.

    Jordanne ||


  5. Congratulations on starting your business! Your soaps are so cute! Have you tried looking at private courier companies? Sometimes (especially for international shipping) they can be way cheaper – whenever I ship back to the UK, I dodge AusPost because it’s way more expensive xx


  6. October has flew by, this month was a busy month for me I’m focusing on 3 different projects that I want to be successful in. I’m trying to enjoy the process regardless of the money I made. I’m hopeful and praying to God to bless my business ventures and to enjoy life to tbe fullest. I enjoyed reading your story.


  7. That jacket is truly amzaing in a 90s kind of way. Where I live we’ve had some really beautiful weather lately. I know that’s cliche, talking about the weather. But as the lockdown drags on, being outside is a relief.


  8. I LOVE the windbreaker you bought & that’s a great price! The Hada Labo lotion sounds great.
    That’s amazing you started a soap business & your Christmas soaps are so cute!
    I loved Unsolved Mysteries too & A Death In Oslo is my favorite episode of Volume 2 too!


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