Merry Christmas & Happy Blogmas Tag

A very special thank you to Hazel from Places + Peonies for tagging me in my first ever Christmas tag. Head over to her blog to see her questions and answers – and participate yourself!

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Hazel’s Questions

What is your favorite thing about the holiday season?

This is going to sound extremely cliché but I don’t really celebrate the holidays like most other people. I’m at work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day itself (retail life) and my family and I go to church, that’s all.

But honestly, if I didn’t work and if I lived in the UK again, I would say visiting Christmas markets are my favourite thing. I used to go to the Lincoln Christmas Market every year and it was beautiful. I also love the cold weather!

What was your favorite Christmas Tree?

I once saw a Nightmare Before Christmas Christmas tree and it was goals! Anything decked out in Disney I love too. If you’re referring to a Christmas tree from a film, it’s probably the one from The Polar Express.

Favorite thing to do on a cold rainy winter day?

Stay in, put a movie on, dress up in warm, wooly clothing and put the fire on.

Favorite holiday memory?

Visiting Disneyland with my boyfriend last year! We went at the beginning of December which was early enough for us to experience ‘Disney at Christmas’. It was the best holiday ever and I’m sad we only spent 3 days there as I’m sure I could’ve stayed for much longer.

He also booked us the cutest hotel called Dream Castle Hotel – the best boyfriend ever!

Favorite holiday snack?

It is a hard fight between Gingerbread Men and candy canes. I also like when Starbucks brings out their peppermint mocha frappucinos – I love anything minty!

What is one thing you want to do this holiday season?

Am I a grinch if I say.. I just don’t want to get nasty customers at work? My workplace has a bad rep of getting really nasty, mean, rude customers, and it would be awesome if none of them came into work that day.

How has COVID-19 changed your Holiday plans?

I wouldn’t say it has changed much, as I don’t have a large family which means that even without the pandemic, my Christmas is relatively quiet. I guess it’ll just be even quieter this year.

Favorite holiday movie?

The Polar Express. Fight me!

Favorite holiday book?

I’m not sure I have one but I’m sure if I had read The Snowman, it would be up there.

What’s on your movie queue for this month? Or your TBR?

Definitely watching The Polar Express and the first couple of Harry Potter films again. Can I also mention vlogs? I am currently really enjoying Zoe Sugg’s Christmas vlogs again, she brings me back to 2013 when life was much easier.

Favorite ice cream flavor?

Mint chocolate chip!

Are you excited that 2020 is almost over?

YES! I am ready for a change. Granted, we can’t tell whether or not 2021 will be better or worse and time is just a social construct, but I cannot wait for the new year.

Feel free to use this tag as your own, or tag other people in it to join in on the fun. I’m so glad I was tagged in something recently as I realised I hadn’t done a tag post in months – and it is very entertaining to do!

27 responses to “Merry Christmas & Happy Blogmas Tag”

  1. I usually spend the holidays at work (I worked at Disney World, we don’t get holiday off lmao) but now that I’m in TX I prefer to spend mine alone lol! Christmas at Disney is so magical, I can’t wait to go back and show Tums all the cool things! Too bad my husband is a bit of a grinch when it comes to trips or “anything the requires spending money”.

    Oh I how I miss Vlogmas vlogs! I thought to do it this year but I kept forgetting lol. Maybe 2021 I’ll bring back my YouTube and vlogging!


      • Tbh working at Disney during the holidays makes it feel like Christmas is a whole TWO MONTHS long. By the time they take the decor down I’m WAY over Christmas lmao!! But when the first put them up I’m all HOWWWW MAGICALLL and prancing around.

        I’m hoping 2021 will be more exciting. My friends and I have a travel wish list if all goes well lol!


  2. I loved reading this! It’s a shame you will be working on Christmas Day but at least you’ll be able to have Christmas dinner and watch the Polar Express when you get home (it’s one of my fave Christmas movies too)!!


  3. It was so fun to read this! I love that you got to spend time at Disneyland around the holidays last year. When I was sixteen, I went to Disney World over Christmas and it was MAGICAL! Definitely one of my favorite holiday memories. And yes to minty things. I’m a sucker for anything minty as well!


    • I loved Disneyland at Christmas too! My next goal is to experience it during Halloween! 😊 And I’m so glad to find someone else who loves minty stuff, loads of people just say mint choc chip tastes like toothpaste!


  4. Aw I loved reading this! I haven’t seen a tag post floating about in a while. Crazy that your faves are gingerbread men or candy canes because I’m not a fan of either hahaha, I think my fave thing to eat at Christmas is cheese & crackers xx


  5. Ok don’t come for me, but I never liked the Polar Express film!! 🙈 But that’s because I grew up reading the book and the movie really deviated.

    I would love to see that Nightmare Before Christmas tree though! And you def aren’t a grinch for wanting nice customers. People can be extra rude this time of year!


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