My Christmas Film Picks For You

Happy December aka the end of 2020!

When December hits, most of us are occupied with Christmas shopping, tree decorating and singing Christmas songs. At the end of those busy days, sitting back and watching a Christmas film may be what everyone needs.

I personally do not celebrate a traditional Christmas as I work on Christmas Day, and all my family does is go to church and come back home for dinner. I vicariously live through Vlogmas videos to live out my true Christmas dreams – kind of like how I celebrated Christmas when I lived in the UK.

Since a lot of the world will be in a lockdown over Christmas, why not curl up, get cosy and watch some wintery films to put you in the Christmas mood?

From the very popular to the uncommon, here are some fantastic easy watches for you to turn on the festive vibes!

The Polar Express

I will tell you now, I WILL judge you if you say you hate The Polar Express. I’ve listed it first as it is my all-time favourite Christmas movie. I love the entire concept of it and how the imagination travels throughout the film. The soundtrack is amazing as well, who doesn’t love “Hot Chocolate”?

Hero Boy, the protagonist (weirdly enough he doesn’t actually have a name in the film – never noticed it until now!), is a Christmas non-believer. One day, The Polar Express train picks him up alongside other children who feel the same way and bring them to the North Pole for an experience they’ll never forget. I love this film because it really fosters the creativity and wonder of the feeling of Christmas, it really makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Brb, putting the soundtrack on right now.

Harry Potter

Specifically, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. This particular film makes me feel so good, I don’t really know how to explain it. It began my love for the franchise and I never stopped loving it since.

I’m sure everyone knows the plot of the Philosopher’s Stone, it doesn’t need any introduction.

While you’re at it, why not watch all the Harry Potter films this Christmas?

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

I might be a bit biased here because Jim Carrey is my favourite actor of all time but How The Grinch Stole Christmas is definitely a childhood classic! I was just 6 when this film was released.

The Grinch, a furry green silhouette of a monster-human, decides he bitterly wants to destroy the Christmas spirit for the citizens of Whoville. Along with his dog who cluelessly accompanies him, he sets off to do what he needs to do. On his soul-destroying journey, he meets a little girl, Cindy Lou Who, who softens him up and makes him change his mind.

An extremely endearing and touching movie, and one of my all time favourites as well.

Belle’s Enchanted Christmas

This is a film most people forget about as it was never as hyped as the original movie. But I loved it as a child and I still do! It follows the story of Belle discovering that Beast despises Christmas, which is a season she loves, and she tries her best to change his mind even while knowing he was someone who was dead set in his ways.

The original cast of Beauty And The Beast voice this film which makes it all the more special.

I also really think there needs to be more Christmas themed Disney films. We all know and love Frozen but we need MORE!

Edward Scissorhands

Weirdly enough, this film used to scare the shit out of me as a child, but I’ve grown to really love it as my love for Tim Burton films blasted off in my teens. I could see why kids would be scared of this film, but it is one not to be missed.

Edward Scissorhands is a “Frankenstein” creation of an inventor who dies before finishing his work of art. Edward then tries to fend for himself whilst being shunned by society because of the massive scissors that he dons for hands. A kind Avon lady named Peg takes him in as her own and treats him like a son, all while trying to help him fit into the real world.

A very beautiful film with a beautiful message, alongside the amazing soundtrack.

I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, despite the obvious negative circumstances. This might or might not be my last post of 2020 (as I work a lot of overtime during this time of the year). I’m looking forward to the new year even though things look to be bleak.

Which of these films do you also enjoy? Or do you have a completely different list? I would love to hear your Christmas picks in the comments below!

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  1. This is such a wonderful list of movies! I had forgotten about Belle’s Enchanted Christmas. Haven’t seen it since I was a child so will have to give that a watch soon 🙂


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