Monthly Recap — February 2021

Happy March everyone!

I’m honestly really losing track of my blogging schedule amidst my full-time school co-ordinator job and running my small business. The funny bit is, I’m not even overwhelmed with sales but yet I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and social media and replying to messages, enough that I could forget I run a blog sometimes.

It doesn’t feel good to me because one of my biggest passions is writing, and realising that I forget to write and stick to what I wanted as a schedule makes me feel like quite a letdown to myself. But then again, I always stuck by the thought of writing whenever I feel like it rather than pushing myself to put content out according to a strict schedule. Anyone else feel this way?

Small Business Things

I’ve absolutely been loving running my small business. Sales weren’t that good in the month of February but I was still glad to have some extra pocket money, as well as holding my 2nd ever payday sale at the end of the month.

The small business community is so amazing, especially on Twitter and Instagram. I couldn’t say the same for Facebook, unfortunately. I’ve met some real terrible people in Etsy Facebook groups and I’ve had to leave said groups before I actually went insane.

Shop Snuggly Duck Crafts on Etsy!

I Turned 27!

On the 24th of February, I turned 27! *pops confetti*

Of course I spent the day at Singapore Zoo. If you’ve known me long enough or have read my blog over the past year or so you’ll know I absolutely adore animals and I love visiting zoos, farms and animal sanctuaries.

A lovely zookeeper/feeder at the goat farm in the zoo was feeding the goats, what I thought was their lunch, and he saw me standing there looking at them longingly. He approached me and asked me if I wanted to feed them and I literally squealed “YES!”.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions and limits to how many people can be at a place at one time, the zoo was almost empty. I was never stood next to another person the entire 2 hours I was there and that felt amazing. The weather on the other hand, not so amazing. Singapore is notorious for being humid and hot and any short amount of time you spend outdoors means you will be sweaty and sticky.

27 is a weird age isn’t it? The quarter-life crisis hits in full blow.

Downloading Stardew Valley

Trust me when I say I have absolutely no idea what I’m meant to do in Stardew Valley. This is a cry for help to the gamer-blogger community.

I’ve seen people play this on Twitch (which I’m currently VERY obsessed with) and I looooove the graphics. It gives me major Harvest Moon vibes which was a game I spent a lot of time on in my younger days. It was a close fight between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon when I was a kid.

If any Stardew Valley experts want to give me a helping hand with what the hell I’m meant to do, please drop a comment or DM me on my socials! I’m embarrassing, I know.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day via video call

As you all know, my long distance relationship has gotten really REALLY long the past year. I can’t believe I haven’t seen Chris in 1 year and 3 months – that’s so crazy to think about.

We are no stranger to celebrating birthdays, Christmasses and anniversaries on video call, so this year was not much different except that we missed each other a lot more. As usual, Chris spoiled me on Valentine’s Day with a bunch of adorable gifts (including a tapir notebook that I’m in love with) and his family spoiled me for my birthday.

Forever grateful to have people who love me 6,000 miles away.

I hope your February was more eventful than mine. What did you get up to? Reached any milestones, met any new people, learned a new skill?

Let’s chat about it in the comments section below!

20 responses to “Monthly Recap — February 2021”

  1. I always visit a zoo on my birthday too! It’s like a tradition now haha! Sorry to hear people weren’t very nice in the Facebook small biz groups, that’s so rubbish. But glad that Twitter and Insta is much friendlier!


  2. My mum always used to say she really enjoyed being 27 – so Happy Birthday and fingers crossed you get to live some of this year in ‘normal’ circumstances!

    Katie |


  3. Happy belated birthday! I also just composed my blog post about what we loved in February and there are so my similarities! You can check it out here if you wish:
    And we also hope that soon we will be able to meet up in person with our loved ones. You stay safe and blessed.


  4. I’m glad that you found supportive people on Twitter and Instagram for your small business! Also, a trip to the zoo sounds so relaxing right now and that green bird is absolutely beautiful!


  5. Happy Belated birthday! I like stardew valley, because it’s not overly structured, and so there’s so many different things you can focus on! You can focus on growing your relationships with people in town (they give you gifts and stuff if you become their friend/lover). You can decide you don’t want to grow plants and focus on taking care of animals, or vice versa! Or you can scrap a lot of that, and work on getting through all the floors of the mines. I’ve been really working on collecting the things in the museum instead of paying for them in the jojo mart! If you have any questions, let me know 🙂 xx

    Melina |


  6. Sounds like February was a good month for you and Happy Birthday! Love the sound of spending your birthday at the Zoo! Also, if you figure out with Stardew Valley – let me know as I just farm and explore the mines haha


  7. Happy belated birthday! The zoo sounds like a perfect way to celebrate!

    I hope you get to see your partner very soon, it must be so difficult. Although I am glad you still celebrated valentines for each other x


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