Unique Eco-Friendly Products (As Seen On Etsy)

Good day everyone!

One website that I’ve been browsing ever so frequently recently is Etsy. As a small business owner, I looooove seeing what other people are selling!

One of the more popular bestsellers on Etsy are handmade eco friendly products. There is so much to see, it’s crazy! I learned about a lot of new products that I’ve never heard about before recently – some might seem absolutely crazy and some are just plain genius!

DISCLAIMER – I am not sponsored by any of these Etsy stores. I am also not trying to give good or bad publicity towards these stores. This post is simply about showing you some interesting and unique products I’ve found, along with my personal opinions on them.

Without further ado, let’s delve into the amazing world of eco friendly products on Etsy!

Let’s start with something I absolutely love the idea of. Natural coconut bowls! Honestly, how beautiful are these?

Found from the lovely JungleCulture based in the UK, these coconut bowls are to die for. They look so extremely rustic and unique, I’m definitely looking to get some for my own future home.

According to their item description, the bowls originate from Southern Vietnam and by buying and using these bowls, customers are also helping to provide the local farmers in Vietnam with a secondary income, as well as reducing the waste from coconuts and coconut trees.

JungleCulture also sells the bowls alongside a hand carved wooden spoon which is also so beautiful! I would highly recommend checking their store out.

Could I get on board with this? 100% YES!

I have heard of this item before but never purchased it and it was only because of how much it cost as compared to a normal polymailer. But eco friendly compostable polymailers are such a great alternative to your usual plastic mailers!

WildBelleApothecary sells eco friendly compostable mailers made of corn starch. They are 100% biodegradable and can be put in the compost at your own home or into a green trash bin.

As amazing as these are, I haven’t found an affordable alternative. I use polymailers quite a lot, especially the ones padded with bubble wrap when I ship my soaps as I feel like all postal services will fling your parcels around like they contain air. Maybe one day when I have a bigger budget for packaging, I will dive right into these.

Could I get on board with this? Yes I could, but only if it doesn’t harm my overall budget as my business is still very small.

This is a new one for me and I would love to know if anyone has heard about this before reading this post.

Reusable and washable toilet paper wipes is something I thought were words that would never escape my mouth. Lepetitlingeblanc from the UK has a whole array of reusable toilet paper wipes available on her Etsy store with lots of beautiful fabrics.

One roll has 10 large sheets of wipes and they are made of 100% cotton and a soft flannel. To wash them, you simply toss them into the washing machine. No softener is to be used as it could reduce the absorbency of the item.

As beautiful as they are, this has to be one of the strangest eco friendly things I’ve seen online. Period cups are one thing, and that I think I could probably try and not completely hate, but the thought of reusing toilet roll wipes is something I unfortunately don’t think I could do.

I would really like to know what everyone’s thoughts on these are? The concept is definitely brilliant as there is a lot of toilet paper waste in the world today, but could you do it?

Could I get on board with this? I feel bad for saying it, but no. I’m big on personal hygiene and for some reason I don’t feel like I could reuse a toilet paper wipe, even after it has been washed and is supposed to be clean. It might just be a mental block, but I don’t think I could do it.

I don’t mean to brag buuuuut, I did create a pretty awesome sustainable product!

Everyone knows and uses liquid body lotions, and a lot of them come in plastic containers. These plastic containers can be reused for sure, but a lot of people discard them after the contents of the bottle have finished.

Solid lotion bars have been in the market for a few years but are strangely not as popular as they should be! Over at my store SnugglyDuckCrafts on Etsy, I sell bee embossed solid lotion bars that come in a reusable metal tin. The portability of this product is awesome!

Made with organic beeswax and a combination of rich butters, this all natural product is definitely unique and beautiful! A lot of people actually didn’t know these existed until they visited my store which is honestly, so so so flattering.

Could I get on board with this? Yes! I’ve been using my lotion bar for months now and I love it.

I saw a Kickstarter a few years ago for a product very similar to this one and I’ve always wanted to try it, mainly because I wanted to know how it tasted.

Edible cutlery from ThinkEarthIndia is definitely intriguing. Made from raagi, millets, wheat and oats, you can devour the entire spoon when you’re done with your meal which is… so amazing! You leave no cutlery waste behind after your meal.

Also, they look very aesthetically pleasing and you could definitely prank a few people by munching on this spoon without telling them what it’s made of.

Could I get on board with this? Yes! Unless it tastes bad then.. I might just dissolve it in water instead.

While we’re on the topic of eating, what about edible cake toppers? I know the concept of that seems very obvious as you’re already eating a cake, but a lot of cake toppers are made of plastic or styrofoam.

TKingdom from USA does amazingly adorable edible sugar cake topper decorations that almost look real! These crayons you see are made from finely granulated cast sugar and are completely edible.

I don’t see what’s not to love about these. You can also definitely find recipes to make your own, and you can get as creative as you want with them.

Could I get on board with this? Yes! Anything you can eat, I’m willing to try.

I’m sure many of you have seen the picture above floating around on the Internet but have you ever gone deep into researching on how this actually works?

ArtOfGaja from Poland makes these beautiful live moss bath mats that look so natural and lush! The living moss is placed on a non slip drip tray that helps absorb water for the moss to grow without flooding it.

The moss will feed on the water that drips from the user’s body as they dry off and stand on the mat after a bath or shower. If you shower daily (as recommended by.. myself!), it gives the moss the perfect level of moisture to survive and bloom. What a fantastic idea!

The only downside of this is that I can see it being quite messy, as well as some consumers not enjoying the feeling of moss under their feet when they’re fresh out of the shower. It would feel like stepping into soft grass right after you get clean again! The concept of it is very creative and it is a very beautiful piece for any bathroom.

Could I get on board with this? Maybe! It looks beautiful and serves a nice purpose but I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy stepping in it after a shower.

Are any of these products new to you too? 

What would you consider getting and what would you 100% avoid? Let me know!

26 responses to “Unique Eco-Friendly Products (As Seen On Etsy)”

  1. I don’t think I could get on board with the toilet roll thing either, tbh! Coconut bowls however I LOVE the look of! I think they’re mega cute as well so I’d love to grab a couple of those. I’ve always been mega intrigued by edible cutlery. I’m not sure what I imagine it to taste like but I guess it’s not anything like I’d expect! x


  2. This is awesome – thanks for making this list. Honestly, I agree the toilet paper would be quite a dramatic change but I agree with most of your other suggestions, and or have a version of them already. Great post!


  3. I don’t think I could get on board with the reusable toilet paper either, it’s such a strange concept haha! Although they do look very pretty!

    Courtney x


  4. Those coconut bowls look so cute, I’ve been wanting to get some of those for a while now. But I’m also with you on the reusable toilet paper… that doesn’t seem like something I could do either.


  5. I too don’t think I would try the reusable toilet paper rolls 😅 but there are some cool products here! I’ve been looking to make my home more eco friendly so thank you!


  6. Wow, these products are so cool and imaginative! I am a big eco-friendly advocate but I don’t think I could cope with reusable toilet roll. I like to buy my toilet roll from Who Gives A Crap. The moss bath mat looks like a great idea but I’d be worried that a bug might end up living there and reproducing…


  7. Oh, wow! I definitely could not get on board with the toilet paper thing, either! I admire the design on the toilet paper, but that’s the only positive I can think of- haha! But, I can see some people loving it- kudos to them! 🙂 I had never seen the moss bath mat before, either. I really thought that was super cool; curious, though, how my two cats would do with that in the home. I have a feeling it could turn messy quickly!


  8. There’s no way I could get on board EVER with reusable toilet paper, but I like some of the other options on this list like the lotion bars and pretty bowls!


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