Affordable Starter Sunscreen Recommendations

Happy April everybody!

The sun is coming out in many parts of the world and with that comes SPF-wearing! I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t always someone who believed in wearing sunscreen. I thought I was mostly indoors, mostly on my phone, but who knew that being indoors with lights on and looking at your phone’s lit screen could also cause a small amount of skin damage?

After getting into Korean skincare, I suddenly felt icky that I didn’t wear sunscreen, so I decided to try some. Only in the past 4 years have I started wearing SPF which is, I know, a bit late. Don’t learn from me!

Today I’m going to introduce to you 5 affordable sunscreens I’ve used and loved.

Etude House’s Sunprise Mild Airy Finish Sunscreen

This was one of the first sunscreens I ever bought, and I was mostly drawn to it because of the term ‘airy finish’. I’m someone with oily skin and also a daily makeup wearer, so I didn’t need any excess weight on my skin than I already had. I strolled into Etude House and was introduced to this!

It lives up to its claims – definitely very airy and light. The consistency was watery and did not give me a white cast. It also smelled very nice and fresh, almost like powder.

Speaking of powder, the finish was very skin-like. Not exactly matte but not dewy either. Perfect for people who wear makeup all day long like myself. Bous point – the packaging is adorable!

Innisfree’s Intensive Triple Care Sunscreen

What a name this sunscreen has! What are the ‘triple care’ points they speak of? This sunscreen claims to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the skin and shield out sunlight. It is also SPF 50+ which is what all of us should be wearing at all times, summer or not.

This sunscreen is also fantastic for anyone who does sports, goes to the gym or in general, perspires a lot – because it is waterproof! Never tested it myself as I don’t do sports (obviously) and I also wear makeup, which makes it a little harder to tell which product is the waterproof one.

While I did like this sunscreen and the cream texture, I did find that it left a little bit of a white cast. People who go bare-faced, beware! It may show up on your skin and make you look a little Casper-ish. Other than that, quite a good all-rounder sunscreen for daily use.

Krave Beauty’s Beet The Sun Sunscreen

With the recent controversy surrounding Beet The Sun, I am saddened to say that it will be discontinued shortly in the next few weeks (if not already). This article will tell you all about it but the gist of it was that Krave Beauty independently tested this sunscreen for the value of SPF and it turned out lower than what they indicated on the bottle. Despite this, Krave Beauty is still a great brand and if anything, their transparency has made me love them more!

I love this sunscreen so much. It is so light and compact, and leaves 0 white cast. The texture is quite runny but not as watery as the Etude House sunscreen mentioned above.

It easily spreads just like a serum and leaves your skin ever-so-slightly tacky, which I don’t mind.

Sadly, this product will not be found anywhere soon. I will be using the last of mine very sparingly. I can only hope Krave Beauty will perfect their SPF levels for this product and bring it back to the market again as I know it is many consumer’s holy grail sunscreen. If you can still get your hands on this, do buy one – but please note that it isn’t SPF 50 like stated. Krave have not released the level of SPF found in this product.

Purito’s Comfy Water Sunblock

I bought this out of impulse a few months back when I realised my Beet The Sun sunscreen was on its way out. Purito has been really popular in the K-Beauty market recently!

I really like this sunscreen and I feel it would be very good for people who struggle with oily skin. Not only is this product very lightweight, it almost mattifies the skin – in a good way, not a drying way. Described as “comfy water”, it really does feel like nothing on my face. This product is fragrance free and essential oil free, perfect for the user with sensitivity to fragrances and parfum.

Even though the product is white, it leaves no white cast. It is also marketed as SPF 50+.

Dear Klairs Soft Airy UV Essence

Yet another Korean sunscreen that has gone through a bit of controversy but remains on my list. Dear Klairs has been one of my favourite skincare brands for years now and I’m sad to say that they also had the unfortunate test-fail of their sunscreen where it did meet the SPF level stated. They were transparent and issued many statements regarding this issue.

That aside, this sunscreen lasted me a very long time despite being only 80ml. It is completely scentless and comes out white with a very minimal, if any, white cast.

It does not leave your skin feeling sticky at all, which is nice under makeup. Even though this sunscreen is called an ‘essence’, it doesn’t have a serum-liquid feel to it. It feels more like a cream! Will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a basic started sunscreen.

I am so glad I was pushed into the world of sunscreen in my 20’s but I only wished it had happened sooner! Now I religiously wear sunscreen everyday, and I hope you do too.

What is your favourite drugstore sunscreen? Or heck, tell me all about your favourite high-end sunscreens too, I’d love to see what you’ve been enjoying!

Let’s chat about it in the comments below!

13 responses to “Affordable Starter Sunscreen Recommendations”

  1. I gotta say, the term “airy finish” really pulled me into that first one as well! I also have oily skin, so I can imagine the first one perfect for me as well! Sunscreen is so important. I make sure all the moiturizers I buy have SPF in them now as well!


  2. this was such a great read! I must admit that I only started lately to use SPF, I am currently using one form The body shop. Though the sunprise one sounds like a great one to try for oily skin, thank you for sharing x


  3. I’ve been using the Matas sunscreen, which is a drugstore in Denmark, but the Purito’s sunscreen sounds amazing especially since I have oily skin too. I also like that that there’s no white cast & it’s SPF 50+. The Etude House sunscreen sounds lovely too!


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