Fenty Skin’s Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser — An Honest Review

Wow, it has been quite some time since I wrote a ‘An Honest Review’ blog post.

If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know that I’m very much a drugstore type of girl. I barely buy any high end products to test and only stick to the ones I know work for me.

This cleanser by Fenty Skin was gifted to me on my 27th birthday in February and I only got around to using it this month (April) as I was still finishing up my Purito cleanser.

Sooooo.. 3 weeks in, let’s talk about it!

Fenty Skin describes Total Cleans’r Remove-It-All Cleanser as ‘hyper clean, soft skin without stripping or drying’. It is supposed to also act as a makeup remover!

Fenty Skin also says that this product is oil free, non comedogenic and its packaging contains recycled materials – I’m all about that recycling!

As you would know, Fenty Skin is founded by the one and only Rihanna, and is a brand that boasts cruelty free production and minimalist packaging, which I obviously must stan for!


At $38 or £20, this has to be the most expensive cleanser I’ve ever used in my life! But I expected that price point, considering the fact that it had a big name attached to it. Definitely not a price point I’d be happy to pay for unless it turned me into a dazzling fairy (which it didn’t), but this product was sold out on its first week of release.

Oh, you wealthy people! I wish I were you!


Okay here’s where the fun starts. I’m a sucker for good packaging and the packaging for this cleanser? A solid 10/10.

I’ll be honest, I usually prefer pump bottles when it comes to my products in the bathroom (apart from body soaps), and this dispenser surprised me because I didn’t know it did what it did when I first tried to use it.

The cap is not actually a screw-lid cap like you’d think. You twist it and it turns into a squeeze dispenser, which is so convenient and pleasant to use! I actually really like the mechanism behind this and I wish more products did this.

The outer packaging is a semi-matte lilac tube, very classy and minimalist. The words are in white, a tad hard to see but not like you’d be reading off the tube anyway.

This product definitely has one of my favourite packaging of all time! Unique, functional and very pretty.

The Product

Let me give you a bit of background before I begin. My skin started off as extremely oily before I started my accutane treatments, and at the moment, it is more of a normal-combination type. I have lots of texture, large pores and acne scars.

I don’t like the skin on my face to feel squeaky clean after a wash and I’m happy to say that this product does not make me feel that way!

The texture is creamy but not too thick and gloopy. The colour of the face wash is a light salmon-orange colour, it is very pretty!

The thing I love most about this product is the smell. At first, I thought it smelled like papayas but upon googling I’ve realised that it’s mean to be a combination of cherries and coconuts. My sense of smell has failed me! I absolutely love this scent, it is not too strong and quite soothing.

I wouldn’t even consider myself to be someone who likes the smell of coconut, in fact, it is one of my least favourite smells, but I really like the supposed coconut scent in this product. If you’re not a fan of scents or have sensitivity to fragrance, I wouldn’t suggest trying this product as it is very expensive and you’d be able to smell the product without even putting it close to your face.

I mainly use this as a day moisturiser as I use Cerave’s Hydrating Cleanser at night and it has worked very well for me!

Is it worth the hype?

I didn’t think I’d say this but yes, I do really love this product!

If you were thinking of treating yourself to a nice, slightly pricier cleanser that forms a nice creamy lather, I would highly recommend this one. I don’t have any issues with it apart from its slightly higher price point. Like I said, I’ve never owned a cleanser quite as expensive as this one, and I only own it because it was a gift.

Would I buy this again? With my own money? Probably not. What about if I had a voucher for Sephora? I’d definitely repurchase this again!

Ultimately, it is up to what you want to spend. If money isn’t an issue for you, GO FOR IT. It’s nice to own a high-end product once in awhile!

Admittedly, how much I like this product has influenced me to want to try more Fenty Skin products. Their toner-serum has been pasted all over my Instagram feed, as well as their eye gel-cream. I really love eye creams! That might be the next product I try from them.

Have you tried this product too? Did you have a good experience like I did, or was it a bit different from mine?

If you haven’t tried it, has my review made you want to?

What other Fenty products do you use or would recommend? Drop them in the comments below!

16 responses to “Fenty Skin’s Total Cleans’R Remove-It-All Cleanser — An Honest Review”

  1. I tried the Fenty SKin Starter set and really loved their packaging, I think the cleanser was the less I used but loved the smell and consistency too! if you have the chance try the Fat Water, it was absolutely my favourite product from the three and sure repurchase! x


    1. I’ve heard so many good things about Fat Water, I’m almost convinced I need it now!


  2. Great review. I’ve read sooo many Fenty skin reviews that say the same kind of thing – you don’t want to like it because of the price tag but it actually works! I need to invest ASAP!



    1. It is definitely worth the try, the smell is to die for!


  3. I haven’t tried this, but this sounds like a good facial cleanser that I should try!


    1. Let me know how you get on with it 😊


  4. Wow okay for some reason I was expecting this to be a more negative review but glad you liked this! I’ve not used anything from Fenty so far – I’ve heard mixed things occasionally but the skincare range sound fab and I bet this smells beaut! x


    1. It smells AMAZING! And I know right, I’m not the type to rate a high-end product well, since I’m a drugstore person myself. But this surprised me!


  5. I will definitely be trying this! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for reading!


  6. I really want to try Fenty Skincare, this sounds do good!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com


    1. It is pretty damn good! I hope I can get to try more from the range 😊


  7. I have never tried this particular brand. It does sound too pricey for something one can use on a daily basis. Your review does give a perspective… if the quality is good, then I guess the price paid for it is more like an investment.


    1. That’s what I think too!


  8. I’ve been eyeing this cleanser but didn’t purchase it just yet. I’m pretty sure I need to try it once I run out of cleansers!

    xoxo Simone | https://beautymone.com


    1. I’m really enjoying it… hate to admit but I’ve also bought Fenty Skin’s Fat Toner now. Shh…


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