Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer

Most parts of the world are going through massive heatwaves at the moment and it’s really going crazy! It has been so so so warm and humid in Singapore, but I am grateful that we have air-conditioning in 90% of indoor places.

Singapore, if you didn’t know, only has 1 season and that is summer. Living here most of my life has meant that I have almost become accustomed to the heat, whilst also hating it. Singaporeans hate heat and we hate the sun. That being said, we have also learned how to keep cool in our regular 34°c ‘heatwave’. You might even call us ‘connoisseurs in dealing with hot weather’.

One of the main reasons why I love the UK more than Singapore is because of the weather. I would take cold and gloomy over humid and sunny anyday! I know it’s a weird concept to a lot of people, but cold weather is the one for me! I love love LOOOOVE cold weather.

Here are some easy ways and products that can help you stay cool on a hot day!

Thin Clothes and NO LONG SLEEVES!

Out of 365 days a year, you’d probably only catch me in long sleeved clothing or jackets maybe….. 20 days a year. I would rather stay at home than go out in a sweater.

This makes me sad because I LOVE wearing sweaters! It was pretty much all I wore during my time at university in the UK. I love being cosy and having warm clothing and basically being covered, but you can forget about that in Singapore. The moment I step out of my shower, I begin to sweat, so long-sleeved tops are basically a no-no, unless you are definitely going to be in a very cold, air-conditioned place for most of the day.

Cinema trips and ice-skating rinks would be where you’d find most long-sleeved people in this country.

Get A Mini Fan

I have seen so many people out and about in Singapore holding mini USB fans and even though it might look ridiculous a lot of the time, those little things really help!

I personally have a tiny double bladed fan that plugs into my iPhone and points at me. I use this instead of the USB fan for the pure reason of laziness, I don’t need to hold the fan as I use my phone! Yes, feel free to laugh.

There are even some fans that spray a cool mist of water which can be very helpful but also annoying for people who wear makeup or glasses (both me!). Mini fans are usually less than $20 and you can get them from most electronic shops and online.

Skin Products That Are Designed To Cool

Summers spent in the UK were unbearable for me because of the lack of air conditioning almost everywhere. Fans were not nearly enough as all they did was blow hot air at your face. Might as well have had a hairdryer turned on in the room! I was in Boots one day and discovered they sold Cooling Sprays! The first one I tried was an Evian one (I know, how bougie) and all it was was basically an aerosol-like bottle that sprayed natural mineral water to cool you down.

It’s a very very simple invention but strangely enough I found it worked enough to bring my body temperature down very very slightly. However, I do think it is quite a gimmicky product, as you could just as well get a fine mist spray bottle and fill it with water and it would work almost the same. But it has helped lots of my friends in the past and my boyfriend enjoyed using it too!

Another thing I love and still use to this day is Original Source’s Tea Tree and Mint body wash. This is by far the best cooling body wash I’ve ever tried – it really does leave your skin all tingly and I love it!

Socks In The… Fridge?

How weird does that sound? I did this completely by random during my first year at university and I put a pair of my clean socks (make sure they’re actually clean!) in the freezer for about 2 hours before I was going out and it was really a pleasant surprise! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAKE SURE THE SOCKS ARE CLEAN. I’M BEGGING YOU!

The cold didn’t stay for long, but the 30-45 minutes it did was amazing! By then I also learned… maybe stick with flip flops for the summer. My Vans-socks combo didn’t help my sweaty self. Don’t tell anyone but a couple of my flatmates actually put their…. underwear in the freezer….. yep. I would not do that if I were you.

Ice Creams And Slushies Are Your Friends!

My boyfriend and I had this weird but effective method of cooling down where we bought a slush puppy from a convenience store any chance we got! The one day the slush puppy machine broke down was the day we kinda broke down too.

Stocking up on ice cream is also always a good (and very obviously easy) idea!

Iced teas and pink lemonade were also favourites of mine and will always be!

Remove Any Makeshift Carpets On Tiled Floor

I love a good rug and carpet in my home. My entire room was carpeted at university which was a first for me as houses in Singapore are almost NEVER carpeted!

Instead we have rugs which we wash once in awhile. But I’ve found that having rugs, carpets, or anything furry and thick in a humid bedroom almost makes it feel worse! I move all my thick items including curtains, blankets and rugs to make the room ‘cooler’, and I do think it works! Even my dogs don’t like lying down on carpet on really hot days as it traps more heat in their already thick fur. Tiled/marble floor is much better for hot weather!

Of course, if you can’t actually pull your carpet out, there is nothing much to be done. That’s why I hope my house won’t be fully carpeted when I do get a house, because the heatwave will drive me mad!

Turn Off Any Unnecessary Lights

I am such a night person, so when I come back from work in the evenings, it is already completely dark out. The only light I’ll have on for the rest of the evening is a dim, yellow lamp from IKEA, or a small night light on my table.

Any kind of lighting adds heat to a room, especially if you have multiple bulbs in 1 lamp. Studio lights are the worst, but I don’t expect anyone to have studio lights switched on 24/7 at home.

I’m not sure if this is a placebo effect and whether or not I’m just fooling myself, but I always feel like having fewer lights on makes me stay cooler.

With all that being said, going out to enjoy the sun once in awhile is fantastic and very good for you! Just look after yourself as too much sun isn’t great either. I hope these tips were handy in one way or another. Stay safe too!


Feel free to leave your own tips down in the comments below to save me from the 24/7 summery weather that is Singapore, as well as any other reader who might be struggling with the heatwave across the world.

76 responses to “Tips For Surviving A Hot Summer”

  1. Some great advice for those suffering in the heat waves right now! Sadly, Scotland don’t seem to be sharing the same temps as the rest of Europe – perpetually rainy here!

    I love the cooling mists though! Always pick one up if I’m going somewhere hot!

    Ashleigh | The Ashmosphere


    • I do love a bit of rain! It rains in Singapore and we have a small ‘monsoon season’ at the end of the year but even then, it’s still humid which is terrible.


  2. Omg what!!! I didn’t know its that hot for that long.. I’m shocked. I live in weathers, jumpers and hoodies so I definitely can’t imagine living in Singapore, honestly don’t mind the British weather 🙂 – great tips though! ♡♡


    • It’s basically an ETERNAL SUMMER here in Singapore and I don’t like it at all! I sweat a lot, which makes everyday quite uncomfortable and I shower minimum twice a day. Thank you for reading!


  3. This was just what I wanted to read. This was a fun read. I had no idea about the socks in the fridge. It gets so humid here in NYC that at this point I’m willing to try anything. I may have to try that 1 on the next humid day. And I’ll be sure NOT to put my underwear in there lol. Thank you for sharing!


    • Socks in the fridge is definitely a very unconventional method (not for everyone!). Singapore is quite like NYC in that sense as well, sometimes it can thunderstorm and be sunny in the same day, it’s quite crazy!


  4. Great tips. I’d love to visit Singapore – specifically for the Formula 1 Grand Prix but honestly, it’s the heat that puts me off. I’m not good with heat at ALL. Our heatwaves in the UK are awful because no houses have air con! xxx


    • The first time my English boyfriend visited me in Singapore he almost passed out, it was way too hot for him! If I ever move to the UK I’m defo getting a small portable air con or something just for summer 😛


  5. Thanks for the tips Marissa! I lived in Phoenix for 8 years and now I live in Hawaii. It’s not nearly so hot in Hawaii but it’s way more muggy and ACs aren’t as common. Cold showers and popcicles are life savers! Also when I just can’t seem to cool down I have an ice bag I like to put on my chest or back!


  6. I love these tips! I lived in the desert of Arizona and I wish I new these when I was there! So unique, I love the idea of socks in the fridge and so smart to remove the carpets if you can! I’ll definitely keep these in mind


  7. Hahahaa I wonder who first had the idea to leave their socks in the fridge – I’d definitely be tempted to try this and see if it cools me down tho x

    Roni |


    • I love autumn and winter, winter is my ultimate fav1 And it is such a shame houses in the UK don’t have air conditioning, but I guess it’s because your heatwaves aren’t very long 😔


  8. So many great tips for keeping cool! I picked up one of those neck scarves that is filled with absorbent beads that swell when wet and keep you cool. They really help. Also, drinking iced mint tea is very cooling. I’ve even made mint body lotion and stored it in the fridge so it goes on cool.


  9. Wow, I love summer, but honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do if summer was my only season. I love my comfy sweats and the season of fall a little too much haha. These are some great tips to beat the heat tho! I used to have a mini fan, and I loved it!


  10. These are great tips. I’m in the North of England and it’s been unusually warm here recently. I haven’t ever tried a cooling mist but I’m going to pick one up. Thanks for the advice!


  11. I live in Denmark & most homes & indoor places don’t have AC…we recently went through a heatwave, but luckily now it’s cool & rainy.
    A mini fan definitely does seem helpful & I never heard about people putting their socks in the freezer!
    Ice creams & slushies are amazing on hot days!


  12. I’m one of those people that’s nearly always freezing so I don’t have to think about stuff like this a lot but socks in the fridge is kinda genius! I’ve never heard of that before x



  13. As someone who lives in a tropical country, I agree with all of these! Taking a bath regularly (daily or twice a day, if needed) is also a surefire way to keep yourself cool amidst the humidity. 🙂


  14. I would literally die in Singapore. Like, literally. I’m not very good with heat so I honestly don’t know how you manage it all year round! Although the air conditioning everywhere would be a dream because we don’t have that in the UK! Socks in the fridge… amazing idea. Thank you! xxx


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