Places To Visit Before I’m 30

Good day everyone!

I haven’t travelled anywhere or been on a break from work since February 2020 and that’s insane to me. The pandemic has really put my entire life on a hold and I hope more than ever that everything can go back to ‘normal’ soon. I’m double jabbed already, are you?

I love travelling. As much as I love travelling, I hate being on planes. I can’t help but picture a Final Destination scenario every time I enter a plane, especially for a long-haul flight. When I was at uni, I travelled every couple of months to a new city with my friends and boyfriend and that was honestly the most fun I had. Despite that, there are a lot of places I still want to visit before I’m 30, and I have less than 3 years to go – I’m being optimistic and adventurous here!

If you’re not a fan of cold wintery places, look away! Most of these will probably be a cold location. As a city-dweller, everywhere I wanna be will be cold, wintery, with not a sky-scraper in sight.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam has been on my to-go list for about 6 years now and I can’t believe I didn’t visit when I lived in the UK because that would’ve been so much more convenient than me going from Singapore to the Netherlands.

There are loads of beautiful historical museums in Amsterdam and I am a huge fan of museums! Could lie in one all day. I am not much of a ‘night life’ person which Amsterdam is full of, but I would like to be about to see it.


Switzerland is one place I’d love to visit during Christmas time. I’ve been on Switzerland TikTok for what seems like months and it looks like a such a beautiful, serene place to be for a relaxing time.

The Bruno Weber Park in Switzerland looks like such a fun place, filled with mythical animals and lots of photo ops. The iconic city of Zurich is a must-see, and a must-shop-at, according to Google!

Although admittedly, Switzerland would be a place I’d like to go to mostly enjoy the scenery, and not be inside a shopping mall.


I almost had the opportunity to visit Prague with my school choir in 2006 because of a competition but I didn’t audition quick enough, so I had to drop the trip.

The architecture in Prague is exactly my aesthetic. Gothic, victorian and baroque – I love it all! Also, Prague is filled with castles. I’d love to fulfil my Beauty And The Beast fantasy dream out there with my boyfriend.

Matamata, New Zealand

Okay – let me just be honest. I have never actually watched more than 1 Lord Of The Rings film (and I can’t even remember which one) but I just love the look of Hobbiton!

Apart from Hobbiton, there are many other things to see! Such as the Matamata Heritage Trial which is 53km of town parks, gardens and more nature, Wairere Falls which is a beautiful natural waterfall, and farmstays! I’ve never experienced a farm stay before but I would love to.

Lapland, Sweden

My boyfriend and I visited Singapore’s Science Centre 3 years ago and had the chance to watch a 3D immersive film about the Aurora Borelis in Lapland and I have been wanting to visit since then. I cried watching the 15 minute film and it is definitely a place that’s on my bucket list.

I would love to see and pet some reindeer, snap a thousand pictures of the Aurora Borelis, visit Ruska in September – a beautiful autumn-themed forest, and see Ranua Zoo to have a peek at some arctic bears and moose!

I hope everyone enjoyed my little post after quite a long hiatus, I’ve been so out of it with writing because of my full time job as well as my small business. Glad you’ve stuck around with me, though! I appreciate it.

Have any of you been to any of the countries I mentioned? What was your experience like? If you haven’t, would you like to visit too? 

Let’s chat about it in the comments below! 

6 responses to “Places To Visit Before I’m 30”

  1. Loooove this post, it’s got me thinking about my places to visit before I’m 30 😁 Switzerland and New Zealand are definitely on my list, as are Italy, Greece, and Peru. I have to say, Amsterdam is definitely one of the best places I’ve visited. I’m not much of a night-life person either, but it’s still a gorgeous city in the day with so so much to see and do.

    rosie abigail ✨ |


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