A Christmas Gift Guide 2021 – Small Business Edition

The season of gift-giving has come around again, and I am so excited to showcase some really amazing small businesses you can support this festive period.

2021 has been a blast for shopping small, with more and more brilliant, talented creatives setting up shop all over the world, there’s something for everyone! And who doesn’t love a touch of handmade in their gifts? I know I absolutely do!

Shopping small is definitely more fulfilling than shopping straight from Amazon, Lazada or Shopee as you are helping an actual person and their own company live their dream – there’s nothing better!

Instead of splitting this post into several parts, I’ll be doing a massive masterpost this year as this blog post will be out much closer to Christmas time than last year’s post. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be tempted to spend some money!

Disclaimer – I am not sponsored by any of these shops or creators.

BeccToBasics – Crochet Frog


Becca from BeccToBasics sells adorable little crochet items on her CocoCart store and Instagram. I have personally followed her for the past couple of months and she’s the loveliest human ever and has such a knack for crocheting – something I don’t think I will ever be able to accomplish! It’s a real work of art for the patient human.

From coasters to small plushies, from animal keychains to wearables, Becca does them all with her crafty little fingers! She also accepts custom requests, just drop her a DM on Instagram.

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – $10 to $100

Lyric Stitches – Assortment of plushies

Lyric Stitches

Lyric from LyricStitches is my favourite handmade plushie maker! Not only is she the sweetest, and most helpful person, her plushie creations are so diverse and adorable and are mostly animals which I love.

As a plushie collector myself, I knew I had to get one of her little froggies for myself and a mini one for my boyfriend when she approached me for an art trade a few months ago. I’ll tell ya, I was more flattered than anything as I had been eyeing a frog plush for a few weeks before that.

Lyric makes frog plushies, bat plushies, ray plushies, comfort pillows as well as other knick knacks like keychains and stickers! I cannot wait to get more of her plushies, especially the adorable rays!

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – 90p to £30

Snuggly Duck Crafts – Holly Jolly tree soap

Snuggly Duck Crafts

I can’t go into talking about small business shopping without cheekily plugging my own, can I?

Over at Snuggly Duck Crafts, you’ll find an array of affordable yet adorable handmade soaps, lotion bars, lip balms, candles, wax melts and bath accessories for your little home! All soaps are vegan whilst lotion bars are vegetarian, candles and wax melts are all completely made with soy wax. I’ve got a Christmas range out now for you to begin your shopping!

As Black Friday is around the corner, I will also be participating in a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale – starting on 26/11 and ending on 29/11. If the turnout is amazing (which I hope it’ll be), I may extend the sale.

Also, if you love Animal Crossing, you’ll love what I’ve got to offer!

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – £1 to £16 or $2 to $30 (Singapore dollars)

Shop Lovebug – Christmas Snail earrings

Shop Lovebug

Brogan from Shop Lovebug creates the funkiest, most eye-catching polymer clay earrings from Manchester, United Kingdom. Her Christmas drop is so cute – featuring little snails carrying Christmas trees on their backs. What a genius idea! I love her little mushy earrings too!

I’ve followed her little small business journey right from the beginning as we have been mutuals on Twitter for a few years. Now, Shop Lovebug also sells painted candle sticks, clay trays, necklaces, rings and tealight holders – all in vibrant colours! I’m so happy to see her expand her range and even more happy to see pictures of her happy, fulfilled customers on her IG stories.

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – £5 to £14

Nooks Needles Co – Animal Crossing sweatshirts

Nooks Needles Co

Lauren from Nooks Needles Co is based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom and I have personally purchased from her twice and my boyfriend has purchased from her once already – no regrets in the slightest!

Lauren crafts Animal Crossing themed-embroidered wearables such as tote bags, jumpers, hats and beanies. I’ve got a Celeste jumper, a Celeste beanie and now, a Maple hat coming my way! I’m very excited for it – I got the one in pink!

If you or a loved one really like Animal Crossing and its characters, give her little shop a visit. All her items are of extremely high quality, affordable and are also a conversation starter for the lil’ gamer in you.

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – £18 to £35

Asimi Studio – Hand-painted Floral Body Earrings

Asimi Studio

Eleni from Asimi Studio is a beautiful, classy shop founded in 2020 that sells handcrafted sterling silver jewellery from London, United Kingdom. Asimi started off with making pots, bowls, plates and cups from clay and has now branched into jewellery. Her items are made with .925 stirling silver and a variety of gemstones, to give you durable and sturdy jewellery that you can wear daily .

All her jewellery is also hypoallergenic and unique in its own way! She has a Black Friday sale coming up, so visit her store asap!

Fun fact – Eleni is Greek-Cypriot and “asimi” means “silver” in Greek! How cool is that!

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – £7 to £70 for polymer clay jewellery and £47 to £60 for sterling silver jewellery

FloralFlairies – Resin barrettes


FloralFlairies is a glitter-haven small business based in Singapore. Custom resin barrettes and tray pieces play a huge part in their sales and clientele, and all their pieces are either glittery, sparkly or floral – extremely beautiful! Another unique thing that they do is that they incorporate jesmonite into many of their pieces which not many local creators do.

They also have a special Loyalty Card programme where you can become a loyalty card member with any 3 purchases and it entitles you to 10% off for all future custom requests! It is a great incentive, especially for loyal, returning customers.

Shipping worldwide – Yes

Price range – $18.90 to $40 (Singapore dollars)

Habichl – Duckies tufted rugs


Rachael from Habichl sells adorable tufted rugs for your little home! Tufted rugs are so in-trend right now and Habichl is the place to go to look at her colourful creations! All her rugs are scratch in small batches, and no 2 rugs are the same which is what I love about handmade items.

Her creations are colourful and many of them are supposedly inanimate objects that don a smiley face to bring them to life. I personally love the animal-themed ones she has!

Shipping worldwide – Yes but contact her before making an international purchase

Price range – $4 to $75 (Singapore dollars)

Pomelo Paints Co – Assorted keychains

Pomelo Paints Co

Caitlin from Pomelo Paints Co is one of my favourite illustrators that I’ve known from both Instagram and Twitter. I love her work so much that I have my business cards commissioned by her on her Ko-Fi! If you’re going to make an order from my small business in the new year, you’ll receive her well-designed business card in your order.

Pomelo Paints Co creates stickers, clay and stationery including washi tapes and keychains. I’ve purchased a strawberry frog keychain from her before and it hangs on my backpack everyday! What I love most about her works is how vibrant and colourful they all are.

Shipping worldwide – Selected countries only

Price range – $2 to $12

Opulence Jewellery – Gingerbread Home earrings

Opulence Jewellery

Laura from Opulence Jewellery sells really cute handmade clay jewellery from the United Kingdom, ranging from realistic food and treats to little frogs and flowers! She makes the occasional clay tray too which are always so adorable! Her works always look so magical – something out of an Enid Blyton book. If you’re a cottagecore lover, head right over to her website now!

Her adorable packaging and Christmas range is something that really stands out for me at the moment – she has a miniature 3D gingerbread house in her Christmas drop! AMAZING. Try not to eat!

Shipping worlwide – Yes

Price range – £3.50 to £20

This Christmas, I hope you will consider shopping small, even if its for the first time! It’s never to late to start discovering new and amazing independent shops that put their heart and soul into every piece.

Since the festive season is next month, I would highly encourage you to put in your orders as soon as you can, as most small businesses are run solely by 1 individual person and can take some time to create, pack and ship the order. You don’t want to be missing out!

Did any of these small businesses and their products catch your eye? Leave some small business links in the comments below!

Happy shopping!


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