Fenty’s Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint Foundation — An Honest Review

The ever so popular Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint Foundation has been circulating on Tik Tok more than ever and as a very impressionable 28 year old, I knew that someday, I’d buy it.

And I finally did.

Let me be clear – I am absolutely 100% a drugstore girl and I hate spending above $30 on any single product. My foundations are usually $29.90 and below, and the most expensive foundation I had ever owned was Urban Decay’s All Nighter Foundation that is now discontinued in Singapore. Because of what a thrifty person I am, I rarely walk out of Sephora with an item as highly priced as Fenty’s Eaze Drop skin tint which retailed at $49. But aye, Tik Tok, right?

Before I start this review, I’ll give you a very quick rundown of my skin type. My skin type is oily in the T-zone and normal everywhere else. My current skin barrier has gone to shit as I’ve been using too many mattifying products recently and they’ve dried out my skin. I’ve got lots of very dark hyperpigmentation from acne scars, as well as large pores under my eyes. I do have some active pimples at the moment, nothing too major, but they’re the annoying kind that hide deep under the skin so they can’t be popped or pimple-patched.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Skin Tint Foundation

The Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint Foundation is described as a ‘light coverage blurring skin tint that delivers smooth, instantly blurred skin in just a few easy drops’. The range comes in 25 shades which is pretty good for a skin tint in my opinion, as skin tints are very easy to work around even if you get the wrong shade.


Retailing at $49, I would say that this is quite an expensive base product. There are much pricier ones out there, but I would say for 32ml, $49 is quite hefty.


Okay.. I just want to quickly say, I LOVE THE PACKAGING! I love the unique shape of the bottle and it comes in a squeezy tube which I don’t mind even though I prefer pumps.

It is small and compact and great for bringing around with you in your bag.

One little extra thing I like about Fenty’s products is that they are recyclable or refillable. All shipping boxes are fully recyclable, and they are also incorporating PCR material—post-consumer recycled material—into their bottles, tubes and jars whenever possible, according to their website.

The Product

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty.

I am very particular with my base products and I always want my base to be perfect. Because of my many years of cystic acne, achieving the ‘perfect’ base has been hard, but I do have a routine I like to follow.

Look at that shade range!

This product was something very new to me because I do not own any skin tints, or any foundation that claims to be of ‘light coverage’. All of my foundations are medium to full coverage because I am very self conscious about my leftover acne scars. I was taking a complete leap of faith purchasing this with my hard earned $49, as I have always wanted to have a more ‘natural’ look on days where I’m not doing much, and to try to ditch the full coverage look. It was a scary thing for me to try.

My biggest fear about this product was that it would be too hydrating or oily for me, as my oils start coming through after 3-4 hours of foundation wear. It is described on the website to have a ‘QuickBlur Complex for a hydrating, diffused effect’. I am pleased to say that it is actually not too oily for me, and can of course be mattified with some powder. I was so relieved to see my face in the mirror, not completely drenched in oil after a full day of wearing it. So oily skinned people, this skin tint is suitable for you!

Coverage wise, it is what it described. However, I wouldn’t say it was sheer to the point where it looked like I had nothing on my face. Amazingly, it did give a sort of air-brushed feel to my skin whilst still giving a natural subtle glow. I am not a fan of extremely glowy complexions, and I prefer a more semi-matte base, but the finish of this skin tint was right in the middle. I was fine with it! I just don’t want to look like a glazed doughnut.

I will say though, that I did top this skin tint off with some concealer. This is because my acne scarring is still an issue for me, as well as my dark undereye circles. So I topped my base off with some concealer and translucent powder, and voila! My base was done and I like it!

The product doesn’t feel heavy, and it isn’t slick to the point where you feel greasy and disgusting. I actually really really like it and I would buy another bottle again.

I’m using the shade 5, but I do find it is too cool toned for me. It’s passable after some concealer and powder, but I would like to get a more warm toned shade when this bottle runs out.

Is it worth the hype?

I would honestly say, yes!

Despite the high price point that hurt me a little when I paid for it, I do feel that this product works well for me and is very versatile. You can wear it for a no-makeup-makeup look, or you can build it up with some concealer for a more covered glam look.

The shade range is great, and they even have ‘warm’, ‘neutral’ and ‘cool’ guides in-store in Sephora to help you shade match. I would highly recommend going into the store to see the shades in person because admittedly, they don’t look quite the same as the charts online. But that is the case for most foundations!

I can see myself wearing this daily to work, or for a hot day out, as I wouldn’t want to feel like I was actually wearing any sort of skin base product.

The only thing I wish it had was SPF. I know we shouldn’t pit makeup brands against each other but a lot of other skin tints in Sephora had SPF in it, which I think is great. But personally, I would wear SPF anyway, so it doesn’t make that much of a difference. But if you’re one to forget to wear SPF before your makeup, it would be useful to already have SPF in your base, which the Eaze Drop does not have.

What did you think of my review? Has it made you want to try the Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint Foundation?

If you’ve already tried it, what do you think?

4 responses to “Fenty’s Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint Foundation — An Honest Review”

  1. This was such a helpful review as I had heard about the tint in passing but wasn’t really sure what it was/how beneficial it would be to use. I think this product would actually be really good for me — thanks so much for the explainer!


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