The Best Of 2022 – Beauty Edition

The end of the tumultuous year known as 2022 is around the corner and frankly, what a crazy year it has been!

As the year comes to a close, so comes my end of the year post about my beauty and makeup favourites. The ones that dominated the year, the ones that I repurchased throughout the year and the ones are I think are the most worth your money!

Sit back, relax and enjoy The Best Of 2022 – Beauty Edition!

Base Makeup

Wet n Wild’s Tinted Hydrator

You already know how OBSESSED I am with this Tinted Hydrator by Wet n Wild. Definitely has to be my favourite face base of the year.

I wrote a post about this product just a few months ago, comparing it to the Fenty Eaze Drop Skin Tint, but to summarize, it is a lightweight and watery skin tint with medium buildable coverage and an added bonus of skincare! Squalene and hyaluronic acid are present in this skin tint, 2 ingredients that my skin loves!

I’ve already repurchased this skin tint 3 times throughout 2022 and I only discovered it in the second half of the year as I was adventuring into the world of tints and trying to get out of the world of foundation.

Absolutely in love with this product, would highly recommend.

Elf’s Hydrating Camo Concealer in Light Beige

The amount of Tik Tok hype around this product influenced me to jump right on the bandwagon. And.. I love it!

The Hydrating Camo Concealer is exactly like it is named – hydrating, and very high coverage. Slightly less coverage than my trusty Loreal Full Wear Concealer, but also less drying, which is nice and doesn’t make your skin look cakey thoughout the day.

Repurchased twice already, and don’t see myself stopping!


Elf’s HD Loose Powder (Sheer)

I’m a massive loose powder fan and as an oily skinned gal, I find it a detrimental part of my makeup routine in order for me not to turn into an oily mess after 2-3 hours of wear.

Elf’s HD Loose Powder in Sheer has been a powder I’ve really been enjoying! It doesn’t give off a white cast, is super lightweight and basically invisible, and keeps my oil production at bay! The container it comes in also seems bigger than majority of the loose powders I own, and it has lasted me ages! Definitely worth the money.

So far, Elf products have not let me down.

Essence’s Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder in Sunny

Ever since I finished using my trusty Benefit Hoola bronzer, I struggled to find something that was as good but for a price cut (as I’m all about those drugstore prices). I was browsing Shopee one day and found the Sun Club Matt Bronzing Powder by Essence and decided to give it a try as it looked… well… like a Hoola dupe.

Although it is not exactly like Hoola (not as blendable), I really like ti! For the price I paid ($13.90), the pan is ginormous, has lasted me months, smells like coconut and matches my light-warm toned skin!

Honestly, this is the biggest pan product I’ve ever owned. I don’t know how or why Essence decided to make this particular bronzer so massive but it doesn’t bother me, considering the fact I don’t bring it out of the house. The colour payoff is lovely, and it smells great. No complaints!

NYX Sweet Cheeks Matte Blush in Rose & Play

Don’t judge me when you hear this but I dug this blusher out from one of my old makeup bags from when I visited the UK, probably in 2019. I KNOW, I KNOW, it’s horrible and probably expired but I can’t seem to find a blusher that suits me that is also matte!

This NYX Sweet Cheeks matte blush has worked very well for me and is almost at the end of its lifespan! Sadly, I can’t get a replacement as there are no more NYX stores in Singapore – they were shut down a few years back. I can only get them imported.

The shade Rose & Play works really well for me, although I would like something peachier and less pink. Not complaining though, as I haven’t found any blush I like more than this (yet). The perfect blush must be out there somewhere, waiting for me!

Too Faced’s Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush in Sparkling Bellini

This is the one and only non-matte blush that I own. I got it last Christmas as a gift and although I’m a fan of more matte looks, the Too Faced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush gives off a very nice, natural glow. Great if you’re looking for that semi sunburnt natural makeup look.

I received the shade Sparkling Bellini and I believe it would be my perfect blush if only it wasn’t so glittery, as it is a good cross between rosy and peachy. Anyone have any dupes in a matte version? Let me know!

Eyes, Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Rom&Nd Eyeshadow Palette – Pampas Garden

I recently discovered this Korean brand Rom&Nd from YouTube via Dobochobo, one of my favourite Asian YouTubers – she talked about it in a favourites video and I knew I had to get it!

I chose the series Pampas Garden because I like peachy, pink and orange tones, and so this was the perfect palette for me. It has a few mattes, a few shimmers and 2 very beautiful glittery shades that are lightly speckled, I love them as an eyeshadow topper!

This palette is also very compact, which makes it great for travelling with.

LA Girl Pro HD Color Corrector in Peach

I’ve been very bothered lately by how dark my eyelids and undereyes look. And when topped off with concealer and powder, it ends up looking grey and ashy!

After scouring Reddit for some answers, I was advised to try a colour corrector. The most affordable one I found was by LA Girl, and I took the colour Peach instead of Orange because my skin tone is quite light and I didn’t want to look too bright orange around the eyes.

It surprisingly works very well! I say ‘surprisingly’ because I did think colour correctors didn’t do much – but after putting foundation and concealer on, I realised it does help reduce the ashiness!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown

I’m not very adventurous with brow products as I don’t see the need to change up brow powders especially if you don’t change your hair colour often. My hair stays between black and dark brown, so I’ve been using the same brow products for years.

ABH’s Brow Powder Duo in the shade Dark Brown works a treat for me. It’s the tiniest little pan ever, but it has also lasted me ages. It is definitely more of a high-end priced product which I don’t usually go for, but it has lasted me more than a year, so I’m not too mad about that.

Essence’s Lash Princess Mascara

I have almost exclusively been using mascaras by Essence for the past few years. They have simply never failed me, and at ridiculously low prices, what’s not to love?

My current favourite has been the pink Lash Princess Curl & Volume mascara. I already have the purple one as backup, and who knows – I may end up liking that one more!

My favourite of all the Essence mascaras, however, has been the What The Fake! in Green. It has been sold out for months in Singapore so I haven’t had the chance to use it for ages, but it is definitely the best out of the entire lot. I would love to bulk purchase it if given the chance.

Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer

I absolutely love mascara primers now, and I don’t think I could live without it. How did I all these years?

Etude House’s Dr Mascara Fixers are clear-brownish eyelash primers that you coat your lashes with before applying mascara to help them stay curled and voluminous and it really does help! I even think it gives the lashes a ‘fuller’ look.

Would highly rate them and they’re very affordable!

Setting Spray

Elf’s Stay All Night Micro Fine Setting Mist

Man, I can’t hype this product up enough. I even recommended it to the makeup artist who did my wedding makeup.

I swear by this Stay All Night Micro Fine Setting Mist. It is SO SO SO SO good. I don’t know what the hell Elf put in it but it works. I cried a lot when my dog passed away in the beginning of November and I remember I was wearing this setting mist on the day, and my makeup didn’t budge.

It also smells great, kind of like aloe vera and cucumber. Will definitely be repurchasing this until I can find something better (which hasn’t happened yet). I would say it is the closest dupe to the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray I’ve come across, but for a fraction of the price.

It’s another win for Elf Cosmetics!

What makeup products did you enjoy in 2022? Let me know in the comments below!

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