I’m moving back to the UK – Abroad Diaries Part I

I say “back” to the UK because I have lived there before. For 5 years, to be exact, as a student at the University of Lincoln, between 2013 and 2018.

Now, in 2023, as a Singaporean married to a British citizen, I got my Spouse Visa approved in February this year and I will be flying off back to the UK at the end of April to start my ‘life anew’. If you’ve seen any of my social media posts, you’ll know I am extremely excited about the big move as Singapore is not the place for me to reside, despite me living here most of my life. It’s weird, I know, but it never really felt like home.

My suitcases are 80% packed. I have almost hit my 30kg weight allowance and I am trying to sort something out so that I don’t need to pay extra for more baggage allowance. I have packed up my soap supplies that I intend to bring over. I have wrapped my Disney Traditions figurines up in bubble wrap ready to be displayed in a house I don’t have yet. I have stocked up on all the Korean skincare I could possibly bring to save money.

Not many people get the chance to start a new life all over again, and for that, I recognise my privilege, but I also recognise how hard I’ve worked to get where I am – financially, emotionally and mentally. It hasn’t been easy living in Singapore the past 5 years after I’ve gotten so used to the independence of being alone in a different country, living by my own means and by my own rules. In fact, it has been quite a struggle. There is a lot to unpack when it comes to talking about all the reasons why I wish to leave my own home country, but I’ll get into that another day – perhaps in many many years’ time.

All that being said, I am very excited. And I hope you are for me too.

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