L’Oreal True Match Tinted Plumping Serum — An Honest Review (I Know I’m Very Late To The Party)

We’ve all seen it. The viral L’Oreal True Match Tinted Plumping Serum with Hyaluronic Acid. It has been all over Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram – basically everywhere you look.

I haven’t managed to get my hands on this product until now, because Singapore is always about a year behind releasing products to the public. I’m now in the UK, and pretty much every drugstore that sells makeup has this product in store. Safe to say, I grabbed it as soon as I saw one in my local Boots.

I’m so happy I can finally try and review it! And yes, hello from the UK! This is my first official post from my new family’s home in Norfolk.

The Product

According to the L’Oreal website, this skin tint is “the perfect match of skincare and makeup; cares like a serum and covers like a foundation“. As someone who already religiously uses their Hyaluronic Acid serum, I knew this product would work great for me and not break me out.

The texture of the serum itself is very liquidy which I like because it tells me that it is less likely to be cakey. Since coming to the UK, my skin has become a lot more dry (gone are my oily t zone days!), and this serum has worked wonderfully with some concealer for my acne and scarring, and then followed by a bit of powder.

I’ve heard many people call this a product with ‘sheer’ coverage, but I want to counter that. I feel it actually has light-medium, and very buildable coverage. I use mine with a beauty sponge, and even though the sponge tends to soak up a lot of the product because of how watery it is, I still find the coverage to be decent and very very natural looking. I hardly ever find products that ‘look like skin’, which is what a lot of us are after.

Special Mentions – The Ingredients

Having a serum-like skin tint with hyaluronic acid in it is such a great blessing. More companies need to adopt the makeup plus skincare idea – it is very marketable!

My skin loves hyaluronic acid, so I have no complaints on this choice of special skin-loving ingredient. I have acne prone skin, so I wish more products came with targeted ingredients like tea tree oil, squalene or salicylic acid, but that’s for another day!

Upon closer look at the ingredients list, I have also noticed that they have moroccan lava clay somewhere at the bottom, which is another great skincare ingredient that the ex-Lush-employee in my has heard about so many times. It helps absorb excess oils and sebum in both hair and skin care products. No complaints about this either!

Shade Range

On the L’Oreal website, it states “9 super blendable shades this sheer formula is able to easily blend on to a variety of skintones, leaving skin with a naturally luminous finish for a flawless nude look”. I am currently using shade 2-3 Light, and it is a great match for me as a light-medium warm skin toned person. As it is not full coverage, I feel like 9 shades could possibly be sufficient enough for most people, as skin tints are easier to match that regular foundations or concealers.

That being said, a larger shade range is always better than a ‘safe’, small one.

The Packaging

Now, here is where I have a problem. And I’m sure you know exactly what it is.

I get that this product is packaged the way it is because it is meant to emulate a ‘serum’, hence the dropper, but OH MY GOD PLEASE GIVE US PUMPS.

The dropper makes application very very messy and for some reason, squeezing the top rubber end of the dropper doesn’t really suck up the product into the dropper glass. It takes quite a long time, and everything is very messy. The product drips off the dropper glass and ugh, it is just not a good idea. Giving L’Oreal the benefit of the doubt with the whole ‘serum thus dropper’ idea, I think that it is okay to package it like this provided they also give us the option to buy L’Oreal foundation pumps. Please!

Other than that, love the glass bottle. But the dropper? Nah! I don’t rate it.

Overall Thoughts

I really love this skin tint, and I’ve been very into trying different types of skin tints over the last year. I have barely even used any foundation except for when I have really long days/nights out (which is hardly ever!), so I consider myself to be a skin tint connoisseur at this point.

I’ve only used this serum foundation a handful of times and I can safely say that I absolutely love it! I already want to buy a second bottle to stock up even though I’ve barely made it through mine. My shade seems to be a popular shade, as it is always out of stock. Once I find a suitable foundation pump for the bottle, I think this will definitely be a favourite of mine for everyday use.

Have you tried this product? And if you have, what are your thoughts?

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