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  • Photo Editing Apps For Dummies (+ TIPS!)

    Photo Editing Apps For Dummies (+ TIPS!)

    Hello everyone! I really love editing photos and videos on my phone and I almost always just do it with a few apps! As someone who likes their Instagram feed to look “balanced”, although I don’t follow a theme, I like the feed to look cohesive. I am also someone who in no way would…

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  • What’s On My iPhone 11 Pro Max!

    What’s On My iPhone 11 Pro Max!

    Hello readers! As you might know from my March Favourites post, I got myself an iPhone 11 Pro Max on Valentine’s Day this year as a little gift to myself. It’s probably the most expensive non-consumable I’ve bought for myself (do airplane tickets count as consumable? I’m not sure) and I’m in love with it.…

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  • A March Recap and Favourites!

    A March Recap and Favourites!

    Hi there everyone! I hope everyone has been doing good, what with all the mess of the pandemic and many people having to self-isolate or quarantine. Please take good care of yourselves and stay hydrated. I’ve had an intensely stressful week at work and I thought it was time I retreated to my quiet place…

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