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  • Monthly Recap — September 2020

    Monthly Recap — September 2020

    How crazy is it that we’re in the last quarter of 2020 already?  I have decided to change the format of how I do monthly recaps as sometimes I honestly find it hard to pick a few ‘favourites’, there are some months I enjoy lots of things and other months where I enjoy 1 new…

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  • An August Recap And Favourites

    An August Recap And Favourites

    Happy almost-end of August everyone! I hope in the midst of the ongoing pandemic, everyone is trying their best to social distance, sanitize their hands and wear a mask wherever possible. Here are also some important, self-explanatory links for August. Black Lives Matter (US) Black Lives Matter (UK, Ireland) Justice for Elijah McCLain Justice for…

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  • A July Recap And Favourites

    A July Recap And Favourites

    Hi all you lovely people! HOW IS IT THE END OF JULY? Time has baffled me this year. It makes no sense at all! I think this entire year is going to go by in a flash as the past 7 months didn’t feel like it existed at all. Let’s hop right into it, shall…

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  • A June Recap and Favourites

    A June Recap and Favourites

    It’s the end of June! Where did all that time go? I said the same thing in April when I did my April Recap and Favourites but honestly, time is flying so much faster than it ever had in my life. I don’t remember the last 3 months, it was like as if it all…

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  • An April Recap and Favourites!

    An April Recap and Favourites!

    Happy end of April everyone! I hope the month has treated you well and you’re looking forward to May. I can’t believe how fast the month has gone! I started working from home on the 6th and all of a sudden it’s the end of the month. I really didn’t think it would fly by…

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