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  • Monthly Recap — March 2021

    Monthly Recap — March 2021

    Happy end of March to everyone! March has been such a crazy, hectic month but at the same time, seems to have passed so slowly. Does anyone feel the same way or am I the only one that has felt this this month? I did manage to do a bunch of fun, fulfilling things this…

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  • Unique Eco-Friendly Products (As Seen On Etsy)

    Unique Eco-Friendly Products (As Seen On Etsy)

    Good day everyone! One website that I’ve been browsing ever so frequently recently is Etsy. As a small business owner, I looooove seeing what other people are selling! One of the more popular bestsellers on Etsy are handmade eco friendly products. There is so much to see, it’s crazy! I learned about a lot of…

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  • Monthly Recap — February 2021

    Monthly Recap — February 2021

    Happy March everyone! I’m honestly really losing track of my blogging schedule amidst my full-time school co-ordinator job and running my small business. The funny bit is, I’m not even overwhelmed with sales but yet I feel overwhelmed with thoughts and social media and replying to messages, enough that I could forget I run a…

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  • How To Utilize Instagram For Your Small Business

    How To Utilize Instagram For Your Small Business

    DISCLAIMER – I do not claim to be an Instagram professional or an expert at handling social media for small businesses. I am just sharing what I have done and learned over the past 5 months of running my own Instagram account for my small business and what has helped me grow to 1,000 followers…

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  • Monthly Recap — January 2021

    Monthly Recap — January 2021

    It only took me an entire month to realize that I was too busy talking about small businesses, makeup and skincare to write a December Monthly Recap! I can’t believe I forgot about it – I am usually organized as hell and I plan the post about a week beforehand. So I guess this monthly…

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