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  • I’m moving back to the UK – Abroad Diaries Part I

    I’m moving back to the UK – Abroad Diaries Part I

    I say “back” to the UK because I have lived there before. For 5 years, to be exact, as a student at the University of Lincoln, between 2013 and 2018. Now, in 2023, as a Singaporean married to a British citizen, I got my Spouse Visa approved in February this year and I will be…

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  • I Miss The Lincolnshire Skies

    I Miss The Lincolnshire Skies

    I don’t think we can ever appreciate things while we’re doing it. We can only truly appreciate it when it’s gone – and that’s the sad reality of many people’s lives. I spent 4 years in Lincoln, Lincolnshire. The 4 years felt like 4 months. Even though I spent 1,460 days in that city, I…

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  • I Was Always Taught To Hate Myself

    I Was Always Taught To Hate Myself

    TRIGGER WARNING – BODY DYSMORPHIA, NEGATIVITY. That was hard title to physically type. Mostly because I don’t want to have that mentality, and also because I’m sure it might be a shocking headline for many people to read. I had the idea to write this blog post because of the influx of negative, nasty comments…

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  • An April Recap and Favourites!

    An April Recap and Favourites!

    Happy end of April everyone! I hope the month has treated you well and you’re looking forward to May. I can’t believe how fast the month has gone! I started working from home on the 6th and all of a sudden it’s the end of the month. I really didn’t think it would fly by…

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  • Simple Joys in Lockdown ✨

    Simple Joys in Lockdown ✨

    As most of the world is on lockdown now, I’m sure a lot of lives have been changed. A lot of new routines have to be formed, a lot of missing the people you used to see all the time and not being able to do simple things like going out window-shopping, a drink in…

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