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  • COVID-19 Isolation Diaries

    COVID-19 Isolation Diaries

    I never thought I’d write this blog post. Simply because some part of me thought I was some kind of mega superhuman who managed to avoid the coronavirus for 2 years as everyone around me caught it left, right and centre. I work in a retail and school environment and I interact with hundreds of…

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  • Meeting My LDR Boyfriend After 2 Years Apart

    Meeting My LDR Boyfriend After 2 Years Apart

    We all have our own ‘COVID-19 diaries’ don’t we? Sad stories about missing people, about not being to enjoy what we used to and living in fear of catching a potentially life-threatening infection. The pandemic being so brutal over the past 2ish years meant that my boyfriend of 6 years, Chris, and I, had to…

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