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  • Meeting My LDR Boyfriend After 2 Years Apart

    Meeting My LDR Boyfriend After 2 Years Apart

    We all have our own ‘COVID-19 diaries’ don’t we? Sad stories about missing people, about not being to enjoy what we used to and living in fear of catching a potentially life-threatening infection. The pandemic being so brutal over the past 2ish years meant that my boyfriend of 6 years, Chris, and I, had to…

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  • A June Recap and Favourites

    A June Recap and Favourites

    It’s the end of June! Where did all that time go? I said the same thing in April when I did my April Recap and Favourites but honestly, time is flying so much faster than it ever had in my life. I don’t remember the last 3 months, it was like as if it all…

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