Simple Joys in Lockdown ✨

As most of the world is on lockdown now, I’m sure a lot of lives have been changed.

A lot of new routines have to be formed, a lot of missing the people you used to see all the time and not being able to do simple things like going out window-shopping, a drink in the pub or visiting an animal sanctuary.

I’ve been working from home since the 7th of April as Singapore has gone into ‘circuit-breaker’ mode. A circuit-breaker means certain essential services can still operate (food and beverage, emergency services), safe distancing is a must, home-based learning for children in school, compulsory rules for wearing masks outdoors and no short-term visitors allowed into the country.

I’ve been taking it slow and actually really enjoying myself. Apart from already being an introvert, I’ve started doing a few new things that I hadn’t done before going on ‘lockdown’.

Animal Crossing New Horizons and my new coral Nintendo Lite!

I bought a Nintendo Lite the day that Singapore announced a circuit breaker as I knew I was going to be cooped up inside for long periods of time and Animal Crossing New Horizons was a game I was dying to play since it was released in March. I was lucky enough to get it on a 20% discount online and it was delivered to my doorstep 3 days later.

I’ve been really enjoying New Horizons. My friend code is SW-3835-0136-4415 if you want to be friends on the switch! My island isn’t that great at the moment and is still quite bare but I’m looking to make everything look cuter soon! P/S my native fruits are preaches and my native flowers are pansies!

Trying to fix my skin

I have started breaking out really badly since lockdown! I have narrowed it down to the fact that I’m indoors all the time and also because I haven’t been wearing makeup! It’s very strange as I thought giving my skin a long break from makeup would help it, but because I’ve not been wearing any makeup, the oil production on my skin has gone mad! I find myself looking like a shiny surface 30 minutes after I’ve washed my face as compared to normal makeup-days where I only start to get shiny after about 5 hours. I’ve resorted to wearing makeup indoors as well as experimenting with different products. I’ve started trying the Etude House Soon Jung toner and Soon Jung emulsion as well as the Cerave SA Cleanser. Loving both at the moment! 😊

Reading more blogs!

I find myself having a hard time looking for all my blogging buddies’ blogs to read. I guess I’m not very organized! I use the wordpress reader and a blogger twitter list to catch up on everyone but a lot of the time I find I miss out on a lot of great content until a lot later! If anyone has any recommendations for apps or even just methods on how to keep up with your favourite bloggers let me know. I do sometimes use Bloglovin’ but I find the app on my iPhone is really slow 😔

Here are some of my faves in case anyone was interested!

Katelyn – embark to explore
Bexa – hello bexa
New Lune – new lune
Lauren – bournemouth girl
Naomi – blush and thrive

Leave your favourites down below as I’m down to check out more!

Simple at-home workouts!

I am the laziest little shit ever, and working out is something I despise! Just the thought of breaking a sweat makes me feel like I want to curl into a ball and not get up for the next 20 days. But I’ve also forced myself to do a bit of something and I’ve been following some very simple YouTube workouts. I started with this really simple one and then moved on to something a bit harder.

Don’t be fooled! I don’t usually follow everything through as sometimes midway I find myself in the middle of dying. I do take more breaks than I should as I have zero discipline when it comes to exercise!

How about you?

What have you been up to during this difficult period? Leave any comments or suggestions for other readers down below and we can help each other out in the event anyone is struggling.

The past 2 weeks have gone by really fast and I can only hope the pandemic seizes soon so everyone can get back to their normal lives and see their loved ones again. Sending lots of love to everyone out there.

I also tried a new layout in this post where I put pictures among the text instead of having a paragraph followed by a big picture and then another paragraph. Do leave me some feedback on what you guys think about this ‘layout’ and whether or not it made this post any easier to read! I would appreciate any comments regarding this.


47 responses to “Simple Joys in Lockdown ✨”

  1. I can relate to this! Also started playing mobile games during the quarantine. I wish I have the Switch because everybody is talking about Animal Crossing! Anyway, we use the same toner from Etude House. Been doing skin care also because, what else is there to do lol. It’s so nice stumbling upon your blog. I am also back to reading blogs, it’s so much fun virtually meeting new people. Will definitely add you to my blogroll💕

    Ann |


    • Thank you for the sweet comment! What do you think of the toner? I’ve only used it a couple of times and so far I have no complaints. And if you can afford it you should totally get a switch lite (the cheaper version) and buy the digital version of Animal Crossing (also cheaper than the physical copy and works the same except you cannot have the physical cartridge) 😊


      • How weird – my skin has broken out too and a lot of people I’ve spoken to have found the same thing!

        I’ve never played animal crossing, I’m getting more and more tempted to get it 😂


      • It’s so crazy about the skin, I think it’s because we’re all indoors! Animal Crossing has taken over my life tbh 😛


  2. My skin started breaking out too during lockdown so i’m just waiting for the day my skin actually benefits from 0 makeup haha. I’ve also been reading a lot more blogs and i bookmark my favourite ones so i can have a brows every once in a while (and when uni assignments allow me to do so). Hope you’re save and sound, thanks for sharing this post! x

    Malena x |

    P.s. I love this layout! 😌


    • Haha, I totally get you! I have started wearing very light makeup. Hope you’re safe too, thank you for commenting!


  3. I’ve never played Animal Crossing. My husband bought it at the beginning of lock down and played it for two days before giving up. I’ve been trying to get a little healthier, but my skin is definitely not loving this situation. We don’t have a garden so we’re stuck inside and it’s just complaining. Other than that my little girl’s decided to learn to walk so we’ve been very busy!

    Mama & Illustrator |


    • Animal Crossing is lovely haha! I understand that not everyone can get into a game like this. My boyfriend for example doesn’t have any interest in it! I don’t have a garden either so an open window is my best friend 😊


  4. This is a lovely post and shows that there are so many positive things coming from lockdown 🙂 I’m getting into home workouts too and it’s nice to have more time to read books – I also read Normal People by Sally Rooney which was really enjoyable. Thank you so much for the kind mention in this post, that is so sweet of you and really made me smile. Hope you have a lovely week, Marissa! ❤ xx

    Bexa |


  5. Such a nice post! I am getting Animal Crossing delivered today so I cannot wait as I have been seeing it everywhere lately!! My skin has been so bad during lockdown that I have been trying new things too! I have been stuck during uni work as my deadlines approach in less than two weeks haha so my lockdown has been fun!

    ps the new layout looks really nice!


  6. I am so glad you have been finding so many positives out of this experience! The world needs more of that! Great post! x

    Linda ||


    • Thank you! I had a couple of negative DM’s on Instagram about finding positivity during these hard times, so I appreciate your comment x


    • Maybe you can try what I did and wear some light makeup at home to see if it makes any difference? Thanks for commenting! 😊


  7. HAHA I’m loving your featured image and I’m always like wtf why are you here again when Gulliver turns up on the beach! I’ve seen lots of people complain about their skin in the same way so maybe there is a reason behind it? Thanks for sharing these simple joys and I also really enjoy reading those people’s blogs!


    • Gulliver is sooo funny, every time I see him I’m like, WHAT? AGAIN?
      And yes, I hope everyone gets something that works for their skin during this time!


  8. Like you post. I have been able to catch up on my reading. I have never really gotten into video games but I have seen animal crossings and thought if I play that would actually be the one.


  9. A stumbled across your blog as I heard the words Disney and instantly fell in love. I am so grateful to have found your blog because it is so beautiful! Thank you for this post, I think that simple things are easily forgotten. I miss normality but it has been a time to find positivity and animal crossing is one of those things! Thank you for making my day, I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Em x


  10. My new hobby is gardening. We are growing roses and some veggies. I am excited every waking up, to see how they are growing. I’m catching books to read, found a blogging community on twitter, and more importantly heading a fundraising for PPEs.


  11. I should send you a friend request so we can play ACNH together!
    My reading has drastically decreased during lockdown, but I really want to get back into reading too.
    You’re not the first person who I’ve seen that said their skin is worse since lockdown started (I went through a period too). Wearing makeup really does help haha
    That’s wonderful you’ve been able to work out at home! I tried & failed after a week


    • How weird is it that NOT wearing makeup makes our skin worse somehow? Totally ironic! AND YES – let’s play ACNH together! I’ve shared my switch friend code 😊


  12. I’m still obsessed with Animal Crossing I think it has been a saviour during lockdown! I’ve been trying to keep my skin under control too, I think its been so much better not wearing make up every day and sticking to a good skincare routine!


  13. Cool list got here! For me, the most joyous aspect of being on lockdown in the past few months is not having to beat city traffic when travelling to work. Minus the commute, my life is pretty much the same during and prior to lockdown – still working and studying for upcoming law school exams. Lol.


  14. One thing I’m also doing during lockdown is reading more blogs and taking my blog serious too. I know I’m just starting but it’s better late than never. And I read new lune’s blog too. That’s how I discovered your blog.


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