Skincare Products You’re Sleeping On From Skin Food (+ Discounts For You!)

I’m a huge fan of Korean skincare products as you all already know from reading my blog and for good reason. They’re always chock full of amazing ingredients and packaged adorably. Most of them come with super affordable price tags.

One brand I haven’t heard a lot of hype about is Skin Food.

According to their Wikipedia page, Skin Food is a South Korean skincare and cosmetics brand founded in 1957 in Seoul, making it a very veteran Korean beauty brand. I’ve personally known about Skin Food since 2010, when I first got my hands on their Buckwheat Loose Powder – I didn’t even know anything about loose powder back then. I was simply attracted to the packaging and the fact that it smelled nice.

Skin Food has 895 stores throughout Korea and 5000 stores worldwide, located in shopping districts, hypermarkets, shopping malls and residential areas and two outlets in Seoul’s main shopping district.

Only in the past few months have I started to delve into more Skin Food products by myself, not under the recommended guise of anyone else and I’m SO glad I did! Let me now tell you about some products I’ve been enjoying.

Please note that all products linked are discounted specially for you and if you purchase any linked item, I will get a tiny bit of commission! If clicking links aren’t your thing, do use code MARISSA420 at checkout on YesStyle for discounts on all products storewide!

Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil

I’m a sucker for cleansing oils, it’s all I ever use to remove my makeup. This Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil works like a dream!

It contains black sugar, refined rice wine and botanical oils, making it moisturising as well as great at removing waterproof makeup. I have to also add that I love the smell – it has a subtly sweet vanilla-ish aroma and it is very pleasant. Doesn’t linger in the skin either so it should be fine for people who don’t do well with fragrance.

You know I have to talk about the packaging. I absolutely love the brown bottle and black label, it gives me amber candle jar vibes and I love it. It looks so aesthetically pleasing on my bathroom shelf.

This 200ml bottle has somehow lasted me forever as a little goes a long way. And for only $13, I will never complain. I would highly recommend this product for any makeup wearer!

Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam

I love scrubs. I know many people are against physical exfoliants but I personally love them and they’ve never affected my skin negatively. I have grown to love sugar scrubs for my face and body recently too.

This Black Sugar Perfect Scrub Foam is packaged beautifully just like the cleansing oil, and smells delicious. It also contains refined rice wine and botanical oils to remove dead skin cells and impurities. The sugar granules are perfectly sized and the finish of this scrub is a creamy liquid which is very soothing. Definitely not irritating to the skin.

I even use this scrub on my chest sometimes as I do occasionally get some chest acne, and it feels super clean afterwards!

Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Foam

Skin Food is famous for adding rice or rice ingredients into their skincare products and for good reason. Rice or rice ingredients such as rice water is good for soothing sensitive skin and redness, as well as upholding a brightening effect for dull skin.

The Rice Daily Brightening Cleansing Foam is a great daily cleansing foam for just about any skin type! Also love the simplistic packaging.

Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Pore Chilling Essence

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful serum packaging in my entire life. My jaw literally dropped when I unboxed it.

The Royal Honey Propolis Enrich Pore Chilling Essence is a very lightweight serum with major ingredients like propolis extract (help skin retain more moisture to maintain a healthier, more vibrant complexion), royal jelly extract, (helps to protect skin against the effects of ultraviolet radiation), witch hazel (relieving inflammation, tightening pores, reducing acne) and many more!

I absolutely love this, the packaging is stunning, it does indeed give off a ‘cooling’ sensation on the skin which is great for anyone who suffers inflammation or even for when you’re in a hotter climate like me. I use it both morning and night and will definitely be repurchasing a bottle!

Lemon Verbana Body Lotion

I love lemony body lotions! I’ve been very into citrus scents lately and when I saw that Skin Food had a Lemon Verbana Body Lotion, I quickly purchased one. And oh my god.. LET US ALL TAKE A MOMENT TO APPRECIATE THE DESIGN OF THE LABEL. One of the best, and most beautifully designed labels I have ever seen. I love the vintage vibes, the choice of font (very retro, me likey!), the illustration style.. I can’t say enough good things.

This lotion contains herbs and lemon verbena extract with a fresh citrus scent, and leaves my skin feeling fresh and not greasy. I use this both in the day and night, it is a very flexible product in that sense.

Deep Cleanse Pear Mint Food Mask

From this point on in the post, I will be focusing on face masks. My favourite part of my skin care routine has to be wash off masks!

Once I saw this product had the word ‘mint’ in it, I knew I had to try it. The Deep Cleanse Pear Mint Food Mask is a cooling wash off mask that is perfect for warm weather. It has an ever-so-slight scrub effect to it but definitely does not have a strong exfoliating effect. It also smells heavenly, slightly like a fruit basket with a hint of mint.

If you’re a fan of minty products, do give this a try!

Egg White Pore Mask

The Egg White Pore Mask was the first mask I tried. Not gonna lie, I only bought it because it was cute and affordable. I had no idea what the benefits of egg white on the skin were before this, and I’m here to let you know today!

Egg white tightens pores, leaving the skin silky and smooth, as well as brightens the skin. This mask also smells very pleasant – reminiscent of subtle baby powder! The texture is light and fluffy, almost like marshmallow but not as dense. It is also very easy to wash off as I’ve noticed some wash-off masks sometimes takes a few rounds of rinsing to get off but this one doesn’t, so it’s a great mask if you need a quick one.

It is so gentle I don’t doubt it can be used daily too!

Black Sugar Wash Off Mask

Ah, here we are again, ending off this post with another black sugar item. This Black Sugar Wash Off Mask is my latest addition to my Skin Food mask collection.

I love this, it smells amazing, just like the other products in the black sugar range. This is similar to a sugar scrub, so I have been successfully using it on both my face and body – it works a treat!

Since it is a physical scrub mask, I would recommend only using it once or twice a week especially for those with more sensitive skin types.

That has been my massive post about the fabulous brand that is Skin Food. What did you think? Have you tried any of these products out?

If you haven’t, don’t forget to click my affiliate links in the post or use my code MARISSA420 at checkout on YesStyle!


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